Cromartie High School

Alt title: Sakigake!! Cromartie Koukou

Cromartie High School

Cromartie High School Episode 9 - Reboot

The Cromartie boys celebrate Maeda's birthday, though there may be some confusion as to which one. Then, Mechazawa brings his little brother to school, and the boys start to wonder what's up with the "perfectly normal" student.

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Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu

Sousuke Sagara is far from the average high school student - not only is he highly trained in military tactics, he puts his knowledge to use in every single applicable situation (and even those nonapplicable ones.) So, when confronted with high school, he tends to turn average high school experiences into off-the-wall adventures. Love letters become terrorist...

6 people think you'll like this

sothis sothis says
If you are looking for true randomness and hilarity, look no further. Cromartie and Fumoffu are both quite amusing (though I definitely like Cromartie a bit more). Both break the mold of generic randomness and are very entertaining, and conveniently are both based around school.
phelkis phelkis says

Cromartie High School is about a high school filled with badasses who do crazy things; FMP Fumoffu is about a high school with one badass who does very crazy things. Both will make you laugh, often!

freakzilla freakzilla says

Fumoffu and Cromartie High are both anime that are completely random. Fumoffu is random because Sagara is so clueless about things, while Cromartie might be just plain weird to some. On top of that even the setting (high school) is the same!

School Rumble

School Rumble

Tenma Tsukamoto is young, bright, and smitten with the school hottie Oji Karasuma. She's desperate for his attention, which is unfortunate considering he barely gives her the time of day! Throw Kenji Harima, the school delinquent with a crush on Tenma into the mix and you've got one twisted love triangle of unrequited proportions! Can love find the trio...

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neutrino neutrino says

If you enjoy living vicariously through the silly adventures of high school students, you'll find both of these series fun and a lot better than the high school you went to!

godcix godcix says

Hilarious with just the right amount of random, which by the way is plenty.  And oh yeah they both take place in school/classroom.  Just another day in the life anime with gorillas, robots, love, and aliens.  Whats not to love.

triplestrike triplestrike says

Both shows revolve around the life of a school student constantly at school. School rumble is longer and tries harder to put story behind their episodes which is necessary to some point because there are so many episodes. Cromartie is more focused on outragious comedy and will achieve it at all costs.



Ishiyama High is home to a whole host of delinquents, including Oga, a legendary badass who's downright devilish. One day Oga finds a man floating down a river, after which the man splits open to reveal a baby inside – but it’s no ordinary baby! The cute tot is actually Beelzebub, the future king of the demons! And as Oga is as mean as they come...

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Yumeshiro Yumeshiro says

Very similar in terms of setting and comedy. Both anime are located in a school with nothing but delinquents.

While Beelzebub does have an overall arc and storyline, Cromartie High School is mostly episodic. And while Cromartie is mostly pure comedy with different elements thrown in, Beelzebub has a healthy dose of Comedy, Action, and a bit of Romance as well.

MechaRainbow MechaRainbow says

Very similar. School full of delinquents, everyone is a moron, etc etc. It's like if Cromartie went shonen instead of pure gag. Very enjoyable.

PurplePeopleEater PurplePeopleEater says

A school full of delinquents plus one guy who isn't. Cromartie High School is more episodic and doesn't actually have much fighting while there is more of a continuous story in Beelzebub and lots of fighting. I prefer the animation quality in Beelzebub but it is newer. Anyway, both are comedies about a school full of delinquents.