Crane Game Girls

Alt title: Bishoujo Yuugi Unit Crane Geeru

TV (13 eps x 5 min)
1.55 out of 5 from 302 votes
Rank #9,887
Crane Game Girls

Earth is about to be destroyed by a meteor! The beautiful Sayo is told by the upper management at her mysterious organization that the only ones who can save the planet are three girls named Kyouko, Asuka, and Mirai. Although skeptical, Sayo brings them together by telling them they're going to train to be idols. They're raring to go, but for some reason, she leads them to an arcade...

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The Idols That Saved the Earth image

Episode 1

The Idols That Saved the Earth

Ready to Slide It? image

Episode 2

Ready to Slide It?

Pull Off a Hole Hook image

Episode 3

Pull Off a Hole Hook

The Beautiful Niagra Drop! image

Episode 4

The Beautiful Niagra Drop!

Tagging License image

Episode 5

Tagging License

Strung Along to the Secret image

Episode 6

Strung Along to the Secret

The Broken Promise image

Episode 7

The Broken Promise

Protect Everyone's Earth! image

Episode 8

Protect Everyone's Earth!

Hot Springs Training in the Gap! image

Episode 9

Hot Springs Training in the Gap!

Flip the World image

Episode 10

Flip the World

Hack and Slash To Win! image

Episode 11

Hack and Slash To Win!

Triangle of Hope! image

Episode 12

Triangle of Hope!

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andreichekov's avatar
andreichekov Feb 13, 2017
Score 4/10

The other review says most of what I would say here, but there are seriously only 3 tracks throughout the first 4 episodes, and they sound like the background music for a pokemon game or mario or something like that. I found myself listening to the background music more than watching the show. The music is more interesting than anything else that happens. read more

Garbagechan's avatar
Garbagechan Apr 28, 2016
Score 3/10

Crane Game Girls is about a group of girls recruited to become "Top Idols" by, uh... playing crane games? However, theyre not actually becoming idols, theyre saving the world!
Each episode is themed around a different tactic for winning crane games. Once the girls have perfected the move their combined powers launch an asteroid blasting beam into space, saving earth. Welp. The story, although... read more

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