Corpse Party: Missing Footage

OVA (1 ep x 11 min)
2.903 out of 5 from 4,760 votes
Rank #16,350

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I am so pissed off.Pissed off, and disgusted. I can't recall how I discovered the Corpse Party series, even though it was only about an hour ago, but I decided I wanted to watch it. Then I learned Corpse Party: Missing Footage came first, so I figured I should watch it first. Add to the fact it's recommended with one of my favourite anime ever, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni mostly due to it's similar level of violence, I was all excited and stuff!So I watched it.The opening scene was effective. Too effective. I had to actually turn down my earphones because the sounds of crying and torture was too much for me.And then it kept going. Then it wore out it's welcome.And then it showed in graphic detail, a blade going into an eye. Then it showed the killer. Kind of. And then it cut to a young sister sibling not understanding why bathing with her brother was weird.And then it cut to the same sister character fondling another girl's breasts. And then mock cunnilingus. Something about a festival, then we see the killer again, in the same recycled footage we saw them the first time.I just...what?!No.Higurashi worked because it lulled the viewer into a false sense of security. It built it's characters up, then mindf-ucked them and broke them down, brutally. Other anime like ShadowStar: Naru Taru, Bokurano, GANTZ, and to some extent Chaos;Head and Elfin Lied at least had characters that had actual introductions or arcs. But Corpse Party just wanted to bash me in my face with how dark and edgy it thinks it is. Screw this anime. Seriously.

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