Cop Craft: Beautiful Knight! Pursue the Captured Fairy! - Reviews

Alt title: Cop Craft: Utsukushiki Onna Kishi! Toraware no Yousei wo Oe!

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Nov 3, 2019

This is a recap of the first story arc.  There's nothing new except some exposition dialogue from Tilarna, which mostly just covers skipped scenes, but does slip in two tiny tidbits.  So you don't have to watch the whole episode just for them, they are:

Fairies are full citizens, but because of their size and appearance they are treated more like dogs and cats.

Leahyah, Tilarna's fairy friend, used to entertain Tilarna with "the most magical dances" and bring Tilarna nuts that she had foraged when Tilarna was hungry.

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4/10 overall
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