Cooking Papa

TV (151 eps)
1992 - 1995
3.594 out of 5 from 42 votes
Rank #4,296
Cooking Papa

Araiwa Kazumi is an energetic salaryman who is able to perfectly manage his responsibilities at work and at home. Kazumi is also a fantastic chef, though many of his coworkers are unaware of it. His wife Nijiko, who works as a journalist, has a bit of trouble making time for her home life. However, she tries to always be a cheerful mother. With their son Makoto, who is 7 at the beginning of the story, they have a very happy family. This is a story that follows the Araiwa household and their delight with delicious food.

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"Cooking Papa" - A Delightful Culinary Slice of Life Story (7/10): "Cooking Papa" serves up a heartwarming and light-hearted story centered around Mitsudomoe Atsushi, an ordinary salaryman who possesses an extraordinary talent—cooking. Each episode features Atsushi tackling various culinary challenges, experimenting with new recipes, and sharing his love for food with his family and friends. While the plot may not be exceptionally complex, it excels in highlighting the joy and bonding that can be found in the act of cooking and sharing meals. The series successfully maintains a warm and inviting atmosphere, making it a comforting watch. Animation (6/10): Given its focus on everyday life and cooking, "Cooking Papa" doesn't require flashy animation. The visuals are simple and serviceable, with a warm color palette that complements the cozy tone of the series. Character designs are charming, and the food presentation, while not extravagant, manages to make the dishes look appealing. Sound (7/10): The sound design in "Cooking Papa" fits well with its slice-of-life theme. The background music is unobtrusive and enhances the relaxed atmosphere of the series. While not particularly memorable, it sets the tone effectively. Voice acting is solid, with Atsushi's voice capturing the character's passion for cooking and his interactions with others. Characters (8/10): The characters in "Cooking Papa" are relatable and endearing. Atsushi is a likable protagonist whose dedication to cooking and his family is both admirable and charming. His interactions with his wife, Yumi, and their children provide heartwarming moments that many viewers can relate to. The supporting cast, including friends and colleagues, add depth to the story and showcase various aspects of food culture. Overall (7/10): "Cooking Papa" is a delightful and heartwarming anime that celebrates the joy of cooking and family bonds. Its straightforward storytelling, charming characters, and emphasis on the everyday pleasures of life make it a perfect choice for those seeking a feel-good slice-of-life series. While it may not offer intense drama or intricate plots, its warmth and simplicity are its strengths. As for the manga comparison, "Cooking Papa" closely follows the source manga created by Tochi Ueyama. Both the anime and manga offer a similar experience, with the manga providing additional recipes and details for those who want to explore Atsushi's culinary adventures further. Whether you choose to watch the anime or read the manga, you'll find a heartwarming tale of family, food, and the simple joys of life.

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