Alt title: Conception: Ore no Kodomo wo Undekure!

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2018
2.339 out of 5 from 2,356 votes
Rank #17,186

A tainted alternate universe, a bond with maidens, and the birth of Star Children. The fate of the world is... Impurities have invaded the magical world of Granvania. Summoned from Earth (known to Granvanians as Sora), Yuge Itsuki is called to exorcize the Impurities across the land. With the help of the 12 Star Maidens, he is able to create Star Children that will help combat the darkness plaguing Granvania. "To fulfill the mission, please conceive my child!"

Source: Crunchyroll

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You know, I honestly couldn’t care less about this show’s lack of sex scenes, its blatant attempts to convince Japanese viewers to have sex and do their part to increase the population, or the way it’s flat-out unrealistic by showing how this bland template of a main character is able to bed an entire harem of maidens to save some fantasy world. I mean, sure, this is clearly a case of false advertising and a cautionary tale of getting your hopes up too high, but I promise you these are all just minor concerns to me. No, the real evil here is that complete lame-balloon of an animal sidekick, who refuses to shut the hell up and thinks it is so goddamn funny. Look, I just wanna know which moron thought it was a good idea to make some pain in the ass pimplezit of a fur rug the accidental star of this show. No wonder the main character could never get a proper move on with his ladies – if I had to listen to some high-pitched, helium-laced fart-face read out an infinite list of sexual innuendos as I did the deed, I’d pull right the hell out too, doomed fantasy town be damned. Ideally, Conception would have told you the story of a newly-graduated high-schooler (this is important, kids, make sure you finish school), who suddenly finds himself tasked with the duty to father several leaping bundles of joy in order to save the magical world he gets transported to for whatever fucking reason. To the complete shock of nobody, there is absolutely no form of fathering or fatherhood to be found here – just courting scenes that have the main character sweet-talk his maidens to his bed chambers to make babies. Of course, they want to make sure this R-rated plot line is immediately accessible to the children (start ‘em young, I always say), so in a clever twist of events, the supposed Love Ritual isn’t even meant to be sexual at all. Instead, babies just pop right out of the maiden and get grown to face whatever the hell is threatening their parents. Doesn’t sound like much, eh? And at least they gave up on that stork idea, yes? Now imagine having to go through all of that, with the added bonus of the never-ending prattling, chattering, simpering, sing-songing, lusting, buzzing, goddamnfucking whatever it is this insane, demented, twisted, diabolical, absolute goddamnfucking abomination of a fur coat thinks is so cute.  So, you know, whoever greenlit that idea… come on, man. I just wanna talk. [This review was made for the Anime Lottery Game: Fall 2018 event. A few good ears were probably damaged in the making of this review.]

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