Computer Movie No. 2 - Custom lists

  • Lensman
  • Kojika Monogatari
  • Golgo 13: The Professional
  • Computer Movie No. 2
  • Computer Movie No. 1

Anime with early CG (Computer Graphics) by Meron

This includes snippets of CG, to full on CG animations. Anything pre-1995.

  • Acchi wa Kocchi
  • ACCAMER: Into the blue's
  • Abstract feat. Alkama
  • Abe George Kattobi Seishun Ki: Shibuya Honky Tonk
  • ABEDON: Beautiful Day

Anime That Use Live Action by Kari5

Whether its a bit or a lot, these titles use live-action shots or scenes in them. See my other list for anime with live action OP/EDs.