Computer Kakumei: Saikyou x Saisoku no Zunou Tanjou

TV Special (1 ep x 10 min)
3.098 out of 5 from 506 votes
Rank #12,027

In the year 2020, humans live alongside robots and interact in a variety of ways, from taking fast food orders to attending school together. In Tokyo, Mako and her friends live day to day and experience the impact of technology, whether they're being alerted to an impending earthquake or looking through augmented reality lenses. 

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There were a lot of things about this short that I liked, and I think it would make an awesome TV series or movie, especially since the end sort of left me hanging. Story: The story shows us a few events in the life of Mako. First, we see her discussing college entrance exams with her friend at a robot-run restaurant. Then, an app, which her father has been working to develop, warns them of an earthquake. Immediately following the quake, Mako receives a phone call that her father has had a heart attack. When she gets to the hospital, she finds out that he only has five years left to live because of a heart condition. Instead of staying in Japan, he goes to Indonesia, continuing his work to gather data on earthquakes and improve his app for the sake of the world. The next part of the short shows us a bit of her college life. She takes a recorded message from her father, but is interrupted by her friends. Then a curious life-form appears, an extremely attractive AI, who took the exams and entered college. He wants to become friends with them. So, it was not as much a story as it was snapshots of her life. I thought the snapshots were chosen well and served to highlight important happenings in the greater world of the story. My biggest complaint is the abrupt ending that left me with many questions. Animation: Prettyyyyyy~! Definitely shoujo style with the big eyes and lots of hair detail. It made me want to live in that world, and I really liked the bright colors and attention to the backgrounds and making them seem super technological. Characters: The one with the most personality was Mako's friend at the restaurant. The others were pretty typical. There wasn't much character development. Overall: Pretty good for a short. Wish there was more.

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