Comic Party

TV (13 eps)
3.089 out of 5 from 2,553 votes
Rank #4,949

This show is centered around Doujinshi (Fan Manga). Kazuki is a senior in high school, who doesn't really know what to do with his future. His friend Taishi drags him into the world of Doujinshi, where he tries to make and sell his Doujinshi to the masses and learn what it really means to be a real Doujinshi artist.

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RaisedByWolves's avatar
RaisedByWolves Mar 25, 2015
Score 6/10

Comic Party tested my resolve, my will, and even my sanity, but for some reason I just had to watch the whole thing. There wasn't really any suspese, and a lot of it was super repetitive. I guess I enjoyed getting a look at doujinshi, Comiket, and con culture, circa 2001. And when Kazuki struggled to create a manga and figure out why he wanted to create one in the first place I could relate to that feeling... read more

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angelsreviews Aug 7, 2013
Score 6/10

Well, this is a show for the Otaku, the nerds of anime. When I first watched it, I was a newbie but now that I have watched a couple more animes, I actually get most of the references now. This show is what separates the large fans from the casual watchers. This was created based on a visual novel and video game (much to my surprise) and yet luckily, it isn’t fully following the date style game. I... read more

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