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Whenever Chinami Ebihara gets nervous, she emits electromagnetic waves which disrupt or destroy nearby electronic equipment. As a result, she and her family are forced to constantly move as she transfers schools in order to keep this peculiar trait a secret, making her feel lonely as well as guilty about the burden she places on her parents. As if these didn't cause enough problems for her, at her newest school she needs to deal with not only her interaction with electronic devices, but also a curious scientist obsessed with studying her and jealous love struck classmate. In the midst of all this, how can she find a way to make friends and find her place in the world?

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Dionkeykong Oct 3, 2018
Score 0.1/10

As of writing this review i'm still trying to decipher what went wrong with this anime..When i went in i trully had no expectations whatsoever but even so i still can't wrap my head around the fact that Code-E is by all means horrid,garbage,a true testament to mankind's violent self-destructive nature.If WW2 was bad this moved the goalpost even further.And i'm not kidding compared to Code-E the gas chambers... read more

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Jautzae Dec 1, 2012
Score 4/10

Code E ...Well Code E was the first Anime i decided to watch til the End though it isn't worth to watch at all I gave a 6 to the Story section because the basic idea isn't that bad but they messed it up pretty bad, you really feel like "im gonna beat those producers up" At the beginning the storyline was pretty clear  but torwards the the end they somehow managed to not follow it anymore and... read more

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