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A four-leaf clover is said to be a being that cannot belong to anyone; and if she learns to love someone, the world is in the palm of her love's hands. One such clover longs to leave her lonely captivity; and she has met a man, Kazuhiko, who she hopes can finally take her from this place. What lies in store for the clover and her love?

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The right music video can inspire anyone. This is case when it is magical, engaging and entertaining enough to leave an impact on the viewer. Story: The story isn't to complicated, which makes it good. It's simple enough in the sense that it doesn't over complicate itself, but it is still engaging to watch. Despite the lack of development in the story, it has no trouble building up the suspense and making you want to watch it all the way though. It feels right. That being said, they could have developed the story a little more. The lack is nice and all, but they could have expanded it a little more. Characters: Like the story, the characters lack development, but it's not necessarily bad. The characters are simple, but we care about them as they escape and go though what they do. It works because these are characters you want to care about. It does have the same weak spot as the story though. Some more development is in order here as well. Again, it works, but it could be just a little bit better. Art: The art is simply amazing. It has a well mixed tone of light and darkness. It is just pure eye candy. It enhances the story, the character and the music while still being artistic as it can be. It really make it shine, even with its dark features. Music; The music is also amazing. It fit the tone of the story and makes the art pop out even more that it already does. It grasps the viewer as if it was the viewers plaything. It fits the atmosphere of the scenery and the story at the same time. It is just awesome. Overall: Clover really is something worth checking out. It's not that long, but it is worth every second. You may find a few things off here and there, but for the most part, it is entertaining. 8.5/10

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