Classroom of the Elite 3rd Season

Alt title: Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e 3rd Season

TV (13 eps)
4.118 out of 5 from 3,346 votes
Rank #551

The third season of Classroom of the Elite.

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For some unknown reason, I really love Anime which feature sociopathic protagonists. I guess part of the reason could be because I always hope for the character, who in this case is very intelligent, to come to the conclusion that the fact they struggle to feel emotions is so abnormal in itself, that it may not be something that's "fixable" through simply learning more about it through "research". I wish to see how our MC will develop throughout the series, and I will probably pursue the source material very soon in order to find out faster whether he will learn to smile, or not, or what actions he will take in order to attempt to learn more about human emotions. I think that the writing could easily become stupid here. Because while dating is a very logical and realistic attempt for a sociopath to try and see what feelings are, I feel like it can EASILY become overly-ridiculous, where the writing could easily become inconsistent with the intelligence our MC has.I feel like it will make sense for Amayokyojin to quickly realise that he cannot "fix" himself (assuming that he's written so), and I hope that he will realise that he may require help from a professional in order to learn what actions he should be taking, in order to maximise his development, or in order to understand himself (and others) better. If it doesn't go anywhere near this direction later in the story, and we don't see even a potential development in his personality, and instead it turns out that Amayokyojin was written to keep making the pointless mistake of attempting to "learn" more and more things, in hopes he starts to understand emotions... well, then I'll be disappointed. Because this is obviously not something an intelligent person would do. Instead, they would realise that the "research" is fruitless, and instead they would seek these more direct methods, such as therapy, seeking help, and being open about their issues with someone. Perhaps, someone would help him? Well, no matter what it is, I just wish to see some kind of positive development happen in the MC While currently his methods are very manipulatory and unethical, I want to see if the MC will learn anything, whether he will suffer, or whether he will suffer any consequences for his actions. Will he change in any way? Or will he stay the same throughout the series? This is something that I hope to find out soon, by reading the source material. I guess one negative thing I can say about the anime is that the side-characters all feel like NPCs. While yes, Amayoboy is very persuasive and good at manipulation, shouldn't these kids be more wary? Shouldn't they be suspicious? I suppose not... but it would be nice if prior factors were taken into consideration in these current events that are unfolding. For instance, him brutally beating up a bunch of people should have been a permanent red flag for that one girl. But I guess in that case the Nightingale Syndrome would be a good explanation (unless I'm mixing up the characters?). Well, no matter, I just feel like there should be more distrust towards Amayoboy. But I guess the counter-point is that most students in that school are naiive kids, who cannot even imagine a person like Amayoboy. Well, it's a decent story with GREAT characters IMO. However, the writer has yet to exceed my expectations. So far my expectations were on-point. The previous season was the weakest IMO and in that one my expectations were too high, but here we are back to normal. GREAT ANIME!

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