TV (25 eps)
2016 - 2017
Fall 2016
2.677 out of 5 from 482 votes
Rank #7,092

Kanae's got a two oddball houseguests in her beloved grandmother's mansion: Moz and Beetho-san. However, these guys, with their crazy antics and supernatural musical powers, claim to be Classicaloid versions of maestros Mozart and Beethoven! Their powerful “mujik” arrangements evoke more than just emotions: they can make the stars fall, spirits dance, or even summon… giant robots? Friend or foe, Kanae is stuck with them, even as more classicaloids begin to invade her life. Will their presence usher in a new musical renaissance in her sleepy town, or will their explosive euphonics cut the standing ovation short?

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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Beethes and Motes and Otowakan image

Episode 1

Beethes and Motes and Otowakan

Get It! Musik! image

Episode 2

Get It! Musik!

Cho-chan and Lisz-chan image

Episode 3

Cho-chan and Lisz-chan

Wandering Kouhai image

Episode 4

Wandering Kouhai

Jet-Black Gyoza image

Episode 5

Jet-Black Gyoza

The Beginning of the ClassicaLoids image

Episode 6

The Beginning of the ClassicaLoids

Mountain King image

Episode 7

Mountain King

Girls' Day Out image

Episode 8

Girls' Day Out

Beyond the Darkness image

Episode 9

Beyond the Darkness

My Beloved Jolly image

Episode 10

My Beloved Jolly

At Least Do the Chores image

Episode 11

At Least Do the Chores

J. S. Bach image

Episode 12

J. S. Bach

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