Clannad: Another World, Tomoyo Chapter

Alt title: Clannad: Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Tomoyo-hen

DVD Special (1 ep x 24 min)
4.276 out of 5 from 18,650 votes
Rank #572

After spending his days skipping school and wandering around the city, the delinquent Tomoya met Tomoyo and gradually, the pair fell in love. It has now been a month since they started dating and Tomoyo has just been announced as the newest student council president of Hikarizaka high school. With Tomoyo being kept busy by her new duties as well as her quest to save the sakura trees, and rumors circulating about why the new student council president spends so much time with the school’s two most infamous delinquents, can Tomoya and Tomoyo’s relationship survive?

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A side story to further push the fact that the original had such little depth and creativity to it. Story - 4/10 Writen as an alternate ending to the first Clannad series, this extra episode shows us what happens if Okazaki decided to date Tomoyo, the silver haired junior who is running for student council president. For the most part the episode is put together as a way to show how Okazaki’s reputation, which really appears to be over blown from what we see, rubs off on all those around him, and now it may ruin Tomoyo’s chances to be student council president. In order to allow her to fulfill her dream of becoming president, and saving the cherry trees around the town, Okazaki breaks up with her, because as usual this “Bad Boy” is actually one of the kindest characters in anime. In turn, Tomoyo’s success has given Okazaki a little motivation, and he works hard to get a job after graduation instead of being the N.E.E.T. he seemed destine to be. The only thing more inane than the idea that Okazaki is a bad person is how after Tomoyo wins she goes to a huge conference to talk about these trees, because a newly elected high school president, and the saving of a park full of trees (which tend to be in abundance and celebrated in Japan, so it would be odd they’d be dug up) is a giant event to be televised for all. Animation - 8/10 Sound - 7/10 Neither of these two sections vary from the show itself, with the only real difference being the characters and locations are whittled down to the bare minimum. Characters -3 /10 There really isn’t much added to the characters from what we learned in the main story.  Okazaki is again talked about and treated like he’s a kid who is completely awful, but his actions show him to be selfless and willing to give up what he cares about all for the happiness of others. Tomoyo on the other hand doesn’t bring much to the episode, we’re told she too was a bad apple who moved to the new school and completely changed her ways. Again we had writers who created a completely off the wall backstory, as a way of creating drama, but which spit in the face of everything else they wrote, which is a big sign of horrible creativity trying to cover it’s flaws with cheap tricks. Overall - 3/10 While this did add a bit of extra backend to the series, such as the time after Okazaki’s graduation, it was pretty much worthless filler that gives a small “What If,” that has no baring on anything and further pushes the annoying need to make this show more of a dating sim than of an actual anime series, where they now have side quests and alternate endings.

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