Clannad: Another World, Kyou Chapter

Alt title: Clannad: After Story - Mou Hitotsu no Sekai, Kyou-hen

DVD Special (1 ep x 25 min)
3.988 out of 5 from 14,576 votes
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When Ryou confesses her feelings to Tomoya he is initially reluctant to accept them, though upon further thought he decides to date her in order get to know her more. As the pair spends more time together Ryou is on cloud nine, but when rumors start to circulate about Tomoya and Kyou, the young girl’s bliss is short-lived. With Kyou repressing her feelings for the delinquent teen and sacrificing her own happiness in favor of her twin sister’s, Tomoya finds himself at the center of a complicated love triangle; but which girl has won his heart?

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Clannad had an alternate love angle episode in the first season, featuring a match between Tomoya and Tomoyo.  The contrast of the unmotivated slacker Tomoya and the driven visionary Tomoyo led to a tension where Tomoya had to consider Tomoyo's future as a uniquely successful person.  Love would see these two unlike personalities through. But in the HIDIVE setup which I used, the Tomoyo chapter was the twenty-fourth of a 23-episode season.  Clearly an original video animation never meant to be a part of the Clannad season.  A great 'what if ...' concept piece to show what would happen if the Tomoya-Nagissa relationship did not click. This rendition exploring a Tomoya-Kyou love angle was spun from a more realistic angle.  In the HIDIVE setup, the Kyou Chapter was the twenty-fourth of a twenty-five-episode assortment, built in to have the feel of being part of Clannad: After Story.  Episode 22: Nagissa and Ushio both have died, and Tomoya begins to wonder if meeting and falling in love with Nagissa was worth all the misery.  Episode 23:  We see Tomoya's senior year being relived with the thought that he does not meet Nagissa (other than prank her with a booby trap meant for some unsuspecting freshman).  But we see Kyou's twin sister Ryou take an interest in Tomoya, an idea drawn from the first season.  Episode 24:  This episode.  Episode 25:  Tomoya tells Ushio (quite alive) about the story of his love for Nagissa.  This episode recaps the two seasons of Clannad and hints that Nagissa is still very much alive ... and cherished by Tomoya. This fit gives the Kyou Episode a better feel for reality (Clannad-speaking, that is).  Tomoya wishes never to have met Nagissa.  Run with that.  Ryou confesses her love for Tomoya, who hesitates but is willing to date.  But the relationship goes slowly, so Kyou offers Tomoya to kiss her for practice for her twin sister.  But the near kiss is witnessed, and rumors run amok at the high school.  Soon, Tomoya discovers that Kyou has fallen in love with him, and she has been miserable trying to keep her distance and let Ryou be happy.  In the end, no one is happy.  Ryou can tell Tomoya, 'I love you.'  Kyou can say, 'I love you.'  But Tomoya cannot say these words to either sister.  By the by, this explains why both sisters in the first season burst into tears when it becomes evident that Tomoya loves Nagissa. A stunning testimony that the feelings of Tomoya and Nagissa, ever renounced for three episodes, was the real deal.  Tomoya's trial is over ... he has passed ... Nagissa returns into his life, with Ushio and Fuuko (her return in After Story was refreshing) and all the rest of the gang. The fact that the Kyou Episode wedged its way into the Clannad: After Story scheme of things makes it an alternative ending that one can see for all its worth, see why this relationship was wanting (unlike the Tomoyo episode), and joyfully see Nagissa back in action.  You might say an OVA which went with the flow.

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