CLAMP in Wonderland

Music Video (1 ep x 7 min)
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There are many magical and mysterious worlds with brave, beautiful, and caring people. Hikaru, Fuu, and Umi are normal high school students chosen to be legendary Magic Knights; Miyuki falls through a rabbit hole into Wonderland; Kamui is chosen to decide the fate of the world; Subaru decides to use his supernatural powers to solve mysteries; Ashura and her friends must fight against an evil warlord; and Nokoru and his classmates start a school detective agency to help girls with their problems. These heroes, leaders, and detectives must help make their own worlds a better place to live.

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mamorukun Mar 23, 2016
Score 8/10

For CLAMP's fans only! If you love their supercute character design, if you adore the oldschool bishounen, if you like illustrsted pictures, this little video is for you. Enjoy the cute opening and your favourite characters in the ending along with some nostalgic happy music. read more

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