Cinderella Nine Episode 13

Alt title: Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine Episode 13

DVD Special (1 ep x 24 min)
3.311 out of 5 from 84 votes
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I originally wanted to write a review for the main Cinderella Nine anime series, but never got around to completing. So after discovering that there is a supplemental episode, I decided to finally watch it and write a quick review of it. There will be some minor topic points mentioned from the series, but the ratings and overall comments in this review are based upon Episode 13 only. Story & Characters The story takes place sometime after the ending of the series. It seems distantly connected to its predecessor, which is actually a positive in this instance. Why? Well, Episode 13 is not a direct continuation of the main series, nor is it a filler episode. It has the presence of an almost introduction episode, or prologue, to a completely new volume in the franchise versus the next chapter of it. Because of that, it creates hype that another season maybe in the works to all viewers who enjoyed the series, like myself. However, I am not hopeful regarding that. ☹️ The episode mainly focuses around two young female baseball players, Runa Kusakari and Yuzu Takanashi. Both come from completely different backgrounds, and both are equally looking for a high school they wish to join to further continue their baseball careers. Runa is the younger "copycat" sister of Rena, who is the well-known team captain of a prestigeous high school girls' baseball team. Yuzu is a somewhat timid player who absolutely loves the game but lacks the confidence to be truly good at it. A fair amount of development of the two main characters happens in this standalone episode, which is pretty good considering it is just this one episode regarding their individual stories and backgrounds. It is by no means revolutionary, but there is a good sense of how the players are as people and why they are that way. Additionally, we are introduced to three additional girls by the names of Sora, Chiyo, and Lin, with the two former being baseball players and Lin being the new team manager of the Satogahama Girls' Baseball Team. However, outside of the aforementioned about these other three newbies, there is absolutely no development for them, but that does not mean that their characters do not have some significance to the episode. They are solid proof that good [anime implied] middle school baseball players want to attend Satogahama High School because of the successes of the newly formed girls' baseball team, and because of their team captain, Tsubasa Arihara, and her eternally optimistic, driven self. Animation & Sound From a production standpoint, TMS Entertainment did an acceptable job bringing Episode 13 to life. It is a slightly better version of the series in the art and animation department, which does not say too much considering that its predeccessor is nothing spectacualr visually. In terms of the audio presentation, I could care less for both the OP and the ED. However, this is baseball! The sound of the ball hitting the mitt or being fouled off by the swooshing sound of a swinging bat is liquid gold to me ears. I do not think I could ever grwo tired of that sound, both in anime and in real life. Conclusion It is baseball and I enjoyed the orginal series, so I enjoyed this as well. It is standard fare in many ways in what you might expect from an additional single episode, just a good one at that. If anything, it makes me wanting more based on the conclusion of the original 12-episode series, and with the introduction of the newest characters. Sadly, I am sure there will not be any more Cinderella Nine anime. (Sigh) Entertainment Score: 7/10 Achievement Score: +2 to OVERALL My expectations were Moderate, and it delivered Slightly Above those expectations. Age Rating:  TV-6+ (it takes place in high school, but there is nothing to worry about here) Additional Information: Video Format:  Streaming FHD (1080p) Audio Format:  Japanese with English subtitles Publisher:  Crunchyroll Equipment Used:  Acer AN515-53-55G9 Nitro 5 Laptop


When I watched the twelve episodes of Cinderella Nine, I was impressed how the series wound itself up in the last two episodes.  The theme of playing and excelling at baseball out of sheer love of the sport was established, and it was apparent that with a renewed interest in the girls' baseball program at Sato High, full closure was achieved. That was 2019, when Cinderella Nine advanced the 2016 video game beyond the bounds of manga and light novel (2017) into the media called anime.  Then came the OVA, Episode 13: The Story Continues (2021).  OVA?  Special?  Pilot?  A new direction for an old plotline?  Perhaps this is what TMS Entertainment had in mind:  Cinderella Nine: The Second Season (of baseball at Sato High, though a second season of the anime is not unreasonable). Cinderella Nine worked through the interrelationships of eleven diverse girls of definite different levels of baseball skill/talent.  Perhaps this would be the new direction, an exploration of skill vs. talent and how it affects the development of the girl baseballer and the team that uses them.  This would be seen in the new characters.  Yuzu Takanashi fell in love with baseball when very young; sad, as it seems baseball never fell in love with Yuzu.  Struggling with her game in middle school (the typical 'please, don't hit it to me' version of shortstop), Yuzu is ready to quit, until she learns about Sato High.  Runa Kusari is at the other end of the skill spectrum, an undoubtedly talented player who can hit and field masterfully.  She wishes to join the same high school her equally talented sister attends, the very one which had defeated Sato High in tournament play, but sister doesn't want Runa to be in her shadow.  Maybe, Sato High with its inferior facilities could be the right school.  Sora Agatsuma and Chiyo Sakurada are a pitcher/catcher team who believes they are God's gift to baseball and sure-bet all-star players wherever they play, like Sato High.  Lihua Lin has been working out with Sato High.  While she needs to work on her physical strength, she believes a scientific approach to baseball will help her.  And Maria Hase ... remember her?  The bespectacled librarian who was always watching the team practice and play in the 12-episode season?  She's on the team, the poster girl for all who never thought they could play team baseball, clumsily gaining the confidence to play at the next level (should it be L2 or L20 … you get there when you get there should you get there). The special uses the animation technique and music from the first season, with the quiet promise that it will all change up for the next go-around.  For, let's face it, the special is a proposal.  Let Cinderella Nine take the field with new faces and personas.  Keep Tsubasa et. al. to set the background for the new generation of girls who love baseball or are trying to recapture that love.  It's a sound premise. Let's see.  Cinderella Nine in 2019, the OVA in 2021.  If there is any action on the girl baseball front, it should be coming in the next year.  Maybe yes, maybe no.  But for a simple lesson on the love of the game and the honesty of the individual cutting through the phoniness of the 'star player,' I place my hopes on 'yes.'

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