Cinderella Boy

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The lowlife Ranma and the beautiful Rella own a detective agency in Kirin city. He's in it for the money, she's in it for the action. But after a mysterious accident, they are now forced to share... one body?! Now, at the stroke of midnight, only one of the duo gets to use the body, both physically and mentally, causing quite a commotion. With cases to solve and unanswered questions abounding, can the two-in-one-body detective agency solve the greatest mystery of them all: how to return to their former selves?

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Cinderella Boy owes a lot of its style, character depictions and choppy animation to late 80s- early 90s titles such as City Hunter, Lupin and Ranma 1/2 (whose name is referenced in this series as the lead character also turns into a girl). Cinderella Boy is a great little title to catch when you are just looking for a fun casual show, where you do not need to get too involved in the story or character. It entertains but just like fairy floss, it does not leave a lasting impression. The animation of this title, as mentioned above, is very choppy. One might suggest that this was done to capture the essence of the earlier titles Cinderella Boy is influenced by; or even that the budget for the series was not grand. However this does not excuse an anime of 2003 from looking so rough. The character design and artwork is pleasant enough and effective though. The characters and background gel well together and the colour scheme used is very cute, reminiscent of titles such as Fancy Lala or Wedding Peach - which are shows aimed at a younger audience. This expands Cinderella Boy's appeal considerably, and as violence is portrayed with hardly any consequence (blood is rarely shown), children would not be disturbed by the title. The seiyuus do an adequate job portraying their characters. Rella, being a cute rich woman is portrayed with enough comedy and panache to be likable. Ranma is also well depicted, as is the secondary cast. However there is hardly any real gritty drama in the storyline, no one gives a stand out performance - as there is no need for one. The background tunes, intro and outtro are also adequate but fail to really stand out. The basis for a story is that the two protagonists (Ranma and Rella) get into a car accident, and a mad scientist saves them but they have to share the same body. At the stroke of midnight each day, Ranma becomes Rella or Rella becomes Ranma - depending on who started the previous day. They spend most of the series tracking down the scientist while handling cases (as they own a detective agency). One thing I loved was how many of these cases come together well, through half of it being handled by Rella and the other half by Ranma. The storyline is very easy to follow and enjoyable all around; which probably has to do with the cast being so likable. For the purposes of the title, I would say the cast is really effective as they perform their roles well. The characters interact well, are entertaining and offer a great distraction for a lazy Sunday afternoon. This also makes the title highly enjoyable, as it is short, never drags on and does not get repetitive. I recommend it if you are after something entertaining, mild and easy to get into and follow.

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