Chocolate Underground

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In the name of a good and healthy lifestyle, the Good For You Party has banned sweets, pastries and chocolate in favor of nutritious substitutes such as fruits and vegetables. Smudger has to watch his father's pastry shop fail under this new government rule, but when Smudger and his friend Huntly discover a secret cocoa shop in an abandoned mine, they realize that there might just be hope for sweet tooths everywhere!

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Bronia Dec 26, 2013
Score 5/10

Secret Santa Review!
(Oops, I totally forgot until boxing day to do this!) I was recommended Chocolate Underground for the secret santa event, and what can I say? An anime made up entirely of 3 minute episodes fit perfectly into my final exam schedule. I kind of wish I'd chosen one of the more time consuming but hopefully better animes from the batch that I got…

The story was a cute, kind of... read more

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SakuraShimizu Dec 16, 2011
Score 9/10

I highly reccomend this anime to everyone! What's great about it is, it's fairly short; so you don't have to take time out your daily life just to watch it. Each episode is about 5 minutes. And for an anime that was so short, it did have a pretty interesting story! The story is pretty much that chocolate has been banned and that there is a group of people trying to change this law; having underground chocolate... read more

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Chocolate Underground
  • Vol: 1; Ch: 3
  • 2008

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