Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Alt title: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2015
4.097 out of 5 from 14,780 votes
Rank #1,017
Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Ikki Kurogane may have come from a long line of Blazers, people with the ability to create weapons or devices manifested from their souls, but as far as the Hagun Academy is concerned, he's been a major disappointment in the magical powers department. He is so disappointing, in fact, that he's earned the unfortunate nickname of the "Worst One". However, things change for Ikki in the most surprising way when Princess Stella Vermillion, the most promising Rank-A Blazer to come along in many years, decides to transfer to Hagun. When she challenges him to a duel where the loser must obey the winner for the rest of their life, the last thing anyone expects is that the Worst One might prove to be a match for the Crimson Princess… and the unforeseen consequences will push the boundaries of society itself!

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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(Sub) The Worst One I image

Episode 1

(Sub) The Worst One I

(Sub) The Worst One II image

Episode 2

(Sub) The Worst One II

(Sub) The Worst One III image

Episode 3

(Sub) The Worst One III

(Sub) The Worst One IV image

Episode 4

(Sub) The Worst One IV

(Sub) The Experience of the Princess image

Episode 5

(Sub) The Experience of the Princess

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Episode 6

(Sub) Sword Eater I

(Sub) Sword Eater II image

Episode 7

(Sub) Sword Eater II

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Episode 8

(Sub) Sword Eater III

(Sub) Princess' Vacation image

Episode 9

(Sub) Princess' Vacation

(Sub) Witch of the Deep Ocean V.S. Raikiri image

Episode 10

(Sub) Witch of the Deep Ocean V.S. Raikiri

(Sub) Another One: The Uncrowned Sword King I image

Episode 11

(Sub) Another One: The Uncrowned Sword King I

(Sub) Another One: the Uncrowned Sword King II image

Episode 12

(Sub) Another One: the Uncrowned Sword King II

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Lucci's avatar
Lucci Feb 14, 2016
Score 10/10

This review contains some spoilers. Please be aware of that. This is my first review ever, and I hope that you guys will find it helpful. I just want to say something about my rating criteria, I gave 10/10 for every category for this anime because it is one of the few anime that i actually could not stop watching, even though on my profile most of the anime are rated 5/5 that does not mean that they... read more

KillerKittens's avatar
KillerKittens Dec 9, 2015
Score 5/10

Okay well im pretty sure you all know about the similarites of this and Asterisk War. If you dont wanna watch both i would consider Asterisk War. I dont think ill continue watching this any longer unless this completely amazes me and something unexpected happens. Which i highly doubt. Its like the taboo and cliché of anime characters are growing and its annoying. I mean i honestly dont entirely mind but... read more

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