Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Alt title: Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2015
3.941 out of 5 from 23,684 votes
Rank #1,140
Chivalry of a Failed Knight

Ikki Kurogane may have come from a long line of Blazers, people with the ability to create weapons or devices manifested from their souls, but as far as the Hagun Academy is concerned, he's been a major disappointment in the magical powers department. He is so disappointing, in fact, that he's earned the unfortunate nickname of the "Worst One". However, things change for Ikki in the most surprising way when Princess Stella Vermillion, the most promising Rank-A Blazer to come along in many years, decides to transfer to Hagun. When she challenges him to a duel where the loser must obey the winner for the rest of their life, the last thing anyone expects is that the Worst One might prove to be a match for the Crimson Princess… and the unforeseen consequences will push the boundaries of society itself!

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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This review contains some spoilers. Please be aware of that. This is my first review ever, and I hope that you guys will find it helpful. I just want to say something about my rating criteria, I gave 10/10 for every category for this anime because it is one of the few anime that i actually could not stop watching, even though on my profile most of the anime are rated 5/5 that does not mean that they have an overall rating of 10/10, it's just because I enjoyed them a lot. At first when I read the premise of that anime on anime-planet i was like ''Oh... another absolute duo, asterik war  anime"" and decided to put it on hold, however it was a mistake: This anime was absolutely fantastic, so much that I could not stop watching.  Story (10/10): The story is about Ikki Kurogane, a magic user who has no talent in terms of magic and because of that was never acknowledged by his family and the people around him. He enrolls in this magic academy in order to prove that he is not weak, and the only way he can graduate is that he takes part of a magic festival and win. What I loved about this anime is that the MC(main character) is not your typical weak character that cannot do anything.  The story develops very well, contrary to other anime, the characters are open to their feelings and somewhat honest. I was so glad that the anime had a decisive MC and that relationships were not dragged, at episode 5 Stella and Ikki were already dating. Towards the last episodes I understood that the relationship that was formed early on the anime was very important for the character development, Ikki was struggling really hard and the most important thing that kept him going was the strong bond and the love he had for Stella and the love she had for him. The anime touched important points about the struggles of life and the expectations that people have for each others which made the anime that much more impacting.  What I loved about Chivalry is that the story focused on Ikki and never wavered, it kept focusing on character development. What set this anime apart for the asterik war and other simalar anime is how well this story handles its themes and characters.  One would think that romance would be hard to make work in an anime like this, however the anime made it work flawlessly. The relationship that was built around ikki and stella and even ikki and his sister shizuku was  a lot more impacting that one could have thought. Even though a lot of people associate the relationship between ikki and his sister as incest, shizuku was the image of the love ikki never got from his family. A lot of people  thought that the fan service was a bit degrading to the anime, however I thought that it was a good relief of the intensity of the plot. The fan service was not ''asbused'', meaning there was not THAT much of it, episode 2 was probably the most of fan service you will ever see in it.  The ending was absolutely well made, the character development was so well made that i just wanted to hug the main character after all the torture he endured in the last two episode, that guy deserves a hug if you ask me. These episodes were mind breaking for the main character, but he endured it.. it was very sad, I really wanted to punch that father of his but that's what made the ending that much more satisfying when he won that fight. I literally screamed "YES" when he won. The plot really built well for the climax of the story, a masterpiece if you ask me. Animation (10/10): Silver Link has not made a lot of fantastic anime, however I gotta hand it to them.. fantastic job on animating Chivalry.  That studio is not one I particularly keep up with but after watching this I have high hopes that they will continue making such excellent animation. I am a big fan of cute anime girls and the more beautifully drawn the more pleased I am, but whew not only were the girls extermely cute and well drawn the main character was awesome looking in my opinion . What i loved was also the diversity of how the charcters looked, it was just so well made. Great job Silver Link. I was so moved by the imagery and the art towards the last few eps, in some part the drawings were only in black and grey or black and red that symbolize the blood and the suffering of the main character. This is probably why the last fight made me so happy, the animation was only in grey and red and added so much intensity to the fight and was just marvelous to watch. God damn Silver Link, Well done! Sound (10/10): I love music, music is one of the things I look for in anime. Probably why I loved fairy tail and SAO so much. They made such a great job at choosing the right notes and combination of them for specific moment in the anime to bring out it's feelings and intense'ness to its maximum potential.  I also love the voice of the characters, in these kind if anime genres I sometimes get annoyed by their voice.. But god damn, the opening of that anime cpatured my heart. The Opening is called "identity" by Sakai Mikio. The Ending Theme is "Haramitsu Renka" by ALI PROJECT and it is also very good. Holy freaking shit.. Easily one of my most favourite opening of all times. Characters (10/10): Ikki Kurogane Ikki is now officially my favourite anime character along side Tatsuya shiba from "the irregular at magic high school" Ikki is a failed Knight ranked F and looked down upon by everyone around him, except a few. He decided to accept his weakness and become strong. He created his art of sword play and won every single duel. He suffered a lot throughout his childhood and his family is still out to make him fail. Ikki pushes himself to the edge determined to overcome his weakness, he is a very capable Main character. Stella Vermillion Oh man Oh man, what to say what to say... First of all she is very cute.. very.. At first, when we see her for the first time I was like "Oh god, another tsundere who challenges a weak character to become her servant" but man was i wrong, no typical tsundere confesses to a main character at ep 3 let alone start dating him.  Contrary to ikki, she is an A rank knight that was naturally born with immense power. She was such a well developped character. What i loved about her is how passionate she was with ikki and how supportive she was. I was especially happy in episode 4 where both of them were honest about their thought on their relationship and how to overcome the problem.  Shizuku Kurogane: The little sister type that gets jealous of anyone that gets close to their ''Onii-sama'', I love her so much, she is so cute. People get creeped out by the fact that she is in love with her brother and by the fact that she kissed him.. but I thought that the incest was extremly important in showing the love she has for him, in showing that she is the person that cared for him when no one cared about him. All she wants is the happiness of her brother, and is suprisingly mature sometimes.  Nagi Arisuin: That character deserved so  much more screentime, Alice is a very capable and powerful knight that helped all the character throughout the anime with their struggles and emotions. He is so cool. Overall 10/10 Anime Suggestion that you might like if you enjoyed Cavalry: - The Irregular at magic highschool - Asterik War - Absolute duo (...maybe) - Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance


It was a decade ago, when Shakugan no Shana popularized battle harems by making them seem like an awesome new way of merging fighting shonen with harems. Everybody went on to copy its formula with slight variations, and the result was the saturation of the whole thing. Now nothing can make a battle harem seem like it stands out from the rest no matter what it does. There was a time when calling something a deconstruction or subversion was enough to elevate a show at the top of its respective genre. But those times are now gone, since as it turns out anything can be a deconstruction if you overthink it enough, and anything can be labeled subversion just by being a satire of stereotypes. Everyone uses them as buzzwords nowadays to excuse why they like a show, so everything is a deconstruction and thus nothing is special even when it is doing more than the average specimen of a genre. Examples: The World God Only Knows (date sims)School Rumble (school comedies)Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun (shojo romances)One Punch Man (fighting shonens) A proof of which is Chivalry of a Failed Knight. It makes fun of the formula by messing with peoples’ expectations when it comes to the stereotypes. There is a scene where the protagonist walks inside a room while a girl is undressing. Instead of yelling and apologizing like a beta male, he takes off his own clothes, so the feeling can be mutual. There is another scene where upon hearing the protagonist’s sister is coming to see him, he is questioned if they are not blood related and thus there is incest involved. He replies they are blood related, which does not negate the fact that there is incest after all. Is any of that enough to make the show actually good? Of course and it’s not, since it’s still a battle harem about an OP protagonist being surrounded by several bimbos hitting on him and constantly undress on every occasion. Many are praising it for the MC going for a steady relationship instead of never choosing a girl, but this is only making the harem to be of the support type instead of the balanced one. I don’t see how that is a plus. Sword Art Online is also a support harem; does that make it any less terrible?I sort of liked the emotional baggage everyone in the cast was carrying, since subverting expectations is messing with their head even in-story. Their internal conflicts felt a lot more significant than the average bimbo who only cares about becoming the no1 bitch of the MC. That is as far as it goes though, since it’s still about an OP protagonist everybody constantly victimizes although he is constantly steamrolling one-dimensional rapist bad guys who constantly gloat and underestimate him during battle. I liked the psychological warfare they were using in every battle, making them be more about a proper mental state that brute force. They were still coming down to the OP protagonist being the only one who can steal techniques and use them against his opponents, thus having a secure counterattack no matter what power they’re using or how strong they are. The show deviates from the path only superficially, and thus doesn’t make an actual difference in the longrun. It’s not something like Neon Genesis which becomes a completely different show by the end of it. Is it a bit better than your typical battle harem? Yes, especially Mahouka, which is everything wrong with the genre. But not by much, and since all these types of shows are trash it is still a bad show, based on a bad light novel.


Summary: If you liked Irregular at Magic High, you will like this clone. If you thought Irregular at Magic High was the stupidest shit you've ever seen, watch Grisaia instead. Story/characters: The first 4 episodes are pretty much unwatchable due to being entirely filled with cliches and eroge tropes. Underdog main character walks in on his tsundere roommate changing, because only god knows why these two would be paired up as roommates in the first place and neither of them recieved any notice of this. Clearly the school knew she was coming. Did they just not have ANY other rooms available?? There is no way in hell that having coed roommates at a highschool is going to go over well AT ALL. Hell, in Japan they have womens-only trains! And then did she not notice his stuff laying anywhere? Maybe there were clothes in the closet or shampoo in the bathroom? Is their entire room just made up of two bunkbeds, because that's all we see this whole time. Where are coed people supposed to change?? So they fight, and you figure, hell the fights have to at least be good right? Wrong. All of the fights in this show show the start of the fight and then immediately cut to the end of the fight, sometimes with a little action in the middle. But never shows the finishing move. In this fight he uses "phantom" mode of his sword which drains energy, yet in later battles he's free to use his sword at full potential and literally kill other characters. WHY would the school allow students to kill other students, when they could have just used phatom mode??? So he wins (somehow???) and she becomes his "servent". All the sudden now that she was defeated in battle, she has an uncontrollable raging boner for main character. Why?? One day of meeting this guy, and after having a horribly embarassing situation occur! I guess two if you count her losing terribly in that battle. The romance gets better through the show, although there are still a lot of cliches. I dont really like the tsundere character type, but I still kind of liked this character by the end of the show. Some people say the little sister relationship gets better. It doesnt. Constantly this girl is trying to break up the main couple, even until the last minute of the last episode!! She crosses the line from that sort of incesty relationship in Irregular at Magic High, into full blown Alabama incest right out of the gate. It made me very uncomfortable to watch. We see some glimpses into her past, but I still hated her character. I guess her character is supposed to be funny, but I just saw it as incredibly annoying. The main character is the standard shonen character ("Goku"). Always fights for what he believes in and to protect his friends, irrationally helping a character which debilitated him deliberately to win a fight. Hell, nobody I know would help someone who betrays them, and I know a lot of very nice people! Like this character is blindly following this, but between this one negative and the SLEW of other negative things about this show, I didn't really care too much about it. I was a lot more impressed by this character than the main character from Irregular at Magic High, who was a full blown asshole who didn't give no shits about anybody "just because"/military background. This guy laughs and cries and gets embarassed when appropriate. You do want to root for him, but I mean you already know he's going to win. The final battle was good, but the rest of them dont really have any tension in them at all since you know he's going to win. As far as the rest of the story is concerned, it was ok. It was pretty much just a ripoff of Utena with magical school battles. The animation and sound was average. I would have been more impressed if they showed the entire fight.

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