Chitose Get You!!

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The manga revolves around an energetic elementary school student named Chitose who has a crush on a young town hall worker named Hiroshi. Chitose hassles Hiroshi endlessly.

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Chitose Get You is an OVA anime with 26 episodes running 3 minutes each. In all the entire anime is 78 minutes ( 1 hour and 18 minutes ). I am sure it will be worth your time. Without further ado let's get started!!  ~ Story ~   The story was...okay. It wasn't anything special, but it wasn't terribly bad. The main storyline in a nutshell is " A little girl has a crush on an older man, and it causes lots of hilarious conflict between the little girl and her homeroom teacher ". So I think the story deserves a 5, since it was pretty creative. 5/10 ~ Animation ~  The animation fit the anime very well. The animation was simple just like the anime's art. The art style the anime used was very cute, yet simple in my opinion and it fit the anime like a glove. The only thing that I didn't like about Chitose Get You was the eyes because I am not a big fan of those kind of eyes, but that can be excused. The animation and art gets a 6. 6/10  ~ Sound ~  The sound was actually really great! But, the only two songs in this entire anime ( that I remember ) were the two ending songs. And both EDs were quite catchy! Every time the episode was over and it played the ED I never skipped it. So if you like catchy songs then I am sure you will at least like the music in Chitose Get You!! The voice actors at times grated against my ears, since most of the cast was made up of squeaky voices, but at times they sounded amazing ( such as in the EDs, the 26th episode, etc... )! I am giving sound a 6. 6/10  ~ Characters ~  The characters were really nice! First of all I loved Hinako's cute personality, and Asako made me chuckle now and then. The characters are actually very unique and some of the characters already had lots of character development by the 15th episode. If you love cute characters with cute personalities then I am sure you will at least love Chitose Get You for atleast one reason. I think the characters deserve a 7. 7/10  ~ Overall ~  Overall I enjoyed Chitose Get You and I am sure you will enjoy it too if you give it a chance! Everything in this anime just fit perfectly together to form this amazing OVA. This anime is a perfect example why you don't judge a book by its cover! Rating ~ 6  Thanks for stopping by to read my review! I hope you watch Chitose Get You and like it, because I did! Also, this is my personal opinion on it so if you disagree, then that's fine!  -------------- ~ I watched this anime for the DAMC ( Daily Anime Marathon Club ). Its so much fun, please check it out! ~  ~ Nico         


Story: Chitose get you is a very simple slice of life show focusing on the adventures of Chitose Sakuraba and her two best friends Hinako Hiiragi, and Misaki (no family name given). Each episode is self-contained though there are several two to three episode story arcs, so I hesitate to call the show episodic. I can’t say much more without getting into spoiler territory but if you’re interested to know what kind of story to expect think Hanamaru Kindergarten with older children. Audio/Visual: The visuals are simple from the character designs to the background but not in a lazy way. The simple visuals match the tone of the show quite well, there isn’t a lot of detail but then there doesn’t need to be, given the short runtime of each episode. This show, like many in its genre, does use quite a few effects. Darkening the characters faces or backgrounds to show a tense atmosphere, simplifying the art style to convey a childish thought etc. As for the audio it’s mostly just ambient music and appropriate sound effects where needed. There is no opening theme but the ending theme is pretty fun the first few times you hear it. Characters: How much, or if, you enjoy the characters will be the deciding factor on how much, or if, you enjoy the show. There are five main characters two adults and three children most of the episodes focus on the children but the two adults still get a few to themselves. The Children: Chitose Sakuraba is the titular character, she is the audiences’ point of view most of the time. She is a hyper little girl who believes herself to be more mature than she really is. She has a crush on Hiroshi Kashiwara one of the adult main characters. Hinako Hiiragi is one of Chitose’s friends, contrary to what her blank expression would have you believe she is a very open and honest even though she says little compared to her two friends. She loves dressing up in costumes and is very intelligent often serving as the Intel girl of the group. Misaki is friends with Chitose and Hinako and is the voice of reason for the three girls. She is shy and not very confident but not afraid to say what she feels when the situation calls for it. She has an obsessive crush on her father and will go berserk and attack them if she thinks someone is trying to steal him away from her. Her father does not acknowledge her crush and instead tries to find a new wife to the chagrin of Misaki. The Adults: Hiroshi Kashiwara is a business man who works in the office across the street from Chitose’s school. He spends most of the series trying to fend off Chitose’s advances. He is a young man who just wants to focus on work but pressure from his family to settle down and Chitose don’t give him any peace. Through it all he is a calm laid back kind of guy who tries his best to be kind towards Chitose and anyone else. Asako Fuji is the homeroom teacher of Chitose and friends. She strives to be a kind and approachable teacher but loses her temper very quickly when dealing with Chitose’s shenanigans. She acts as the foil to Chitose and is constantly looking for a man to settle down with. One of her most mentioned features is her breast size. Chitose is jealous of her breast and Asako often lords them over Chitose using them as an example of how she is more mature than Chitose. It is hinted that she may also have feelings for Hiroshi. Overall: The show was fun to watch. I like child characters and this group was no exception. The short runtime meant that even if I didn’t like a particular episode it wasn’t very long. Like I said before the characters are the reason you would watch this anime. I would recommend anyone to watch the first three episodes as they are the introduction episodes. If you don’t like “Chitose get you” after that you aren’t missing out on anything groundbreaking.


The story Chitose Get You!! follows an 11-year-old girl named Sakaraba who is absolutely in love with an older man... but things begin to get interesting when her teacher starts dating him.  Well...that's kind of the story.  Mostly Chitose Get You!! is a 26 episode anime consisting of comedic events that occur within 3 minutes.  If you're a fan of slapstick comedy, then this anime will probably be right up your alley.  Personally, I wasn't too fond of this (as you can tell by the rating) but I have to admit there were a few moments that made me laugh (especially the last episode).  The animation and sound were appropriate for what it was, but I wasn't really a fan of either.  I found the seiyuus to be a bit grating on the ears (once again, though...with an anime like this, they're supposed to sound like that - it's just not my thing) and the animation was definitely not for me.  I'm sure it's drawn the way it is because it's meant to be comical, but I just wasn't a fan. The characters were probably the most entertaining part (which isn't surprising, since this is a character-driven anime, not a story-driven one) but even then, with the exception of one character, I didn't really find any of them funny or enjoy them.  The main character, Sakaraba, in particular, really got on my nerves.  As did the teacher.  Once again, this just wasn't for me.   Overall, I would recommend this to people who enjoy short, comedic, and episodic anime.  And to those who don't mind when there is a very young girl pursuing an older man.  I honestly think that's what turned me off from this anime.  In general, I like comedy and I love slapstick humor, but there was something a little unsettling about this anime (to me) that prevented me from truly enjoying it and I think it was probably just because I didn't really like seeing an 11-year-old and a full-grown woman in competition (a one-sided competition...) for a the heart of a man.  But, once again, that's just me.  As I mentioned above, there were moments I found funny and if the plotline doesn't squick you out, you might find yourself doubled over in laughter.  Go for it! *I watched this anime with the Daily Anime Marathon Club.  Check it out!*

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