Chirorin Mura Monogatari

Alt title: Nutsberry Town

TV (170 eps x 10 min)
1992 - 1993
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Chirorin Mura Monogatari

Nutsberry Town is a beautiful small country town, surrounded by shimmering lakes, lush forests and green fields. It's a place where old-fashioned values still abound. It is here that our heroes, Snappy the Onion, Wendy the Walnut and Pee Wee the Peanut, a madcap trio known as the "Kooky Kids" play their mischievous games. Never mean-spirited or malicious, the Kooky Kids still manage to get into trouble in their non-stop quest for fun and adventure. And because Nutsberry Town is far from the hustle and bustle of video arcades, shopping malls or theme parks, the children find their fun amidst their beautiful surroundings and in their imagination.

Source: ANN

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