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Alt title: Rifle Is Beautiful: Zenkokutaikai Is Mokuzen

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Dec 18, 2019

This anime made an admirable attempt at spicing up a typical recap episode. 

There’s more commentary than usual.

A quick introduction to the characters, their objective, and their goal is provided.

The timing is quick and efficient moving from a struggling club, suspended club, recruiting members, and acquiring an advisor. Their progression towards Nationals may have been bumpy but they’re still on the journey. This rifle shooting club is suiting up, taking aim, and double checking their trajectory.

The character commentary lets those unfamiliar with the sport learn the parameters, rules and regulations of the sport. They also don't fail to drop some Japanese gun law info. 

There are some less enjoyable things though:

  • Several times the text on screen is too much. 
  • Watcher has to constantly pause to read so they don't miss anything. 
  • The commentary/recap goes on too long. 
  • The first 10 minutes work well but from there it drags on. 
  • As more and more characters are recapped the tired and tired the watcher becomes.
  • Much of the rifle shooting scenes feel like watching the actual episodes. 

If you're invested in these characters it's not a bad way to spend 25 minutes. But if you were looking for an intro this isn't for you. 
This reviewer recommends watching the series or just watching the first 10 minutes of this complementary commentary recap.

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4.5/10 overall
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