Cheer Boys!!

Alt title: Cheer Danshi!!

TV (12 eps)
3.513 out of 5 from 2,448 votes
Rank #5,645
Cheer Boys!!

Haruki Bandou was born into a family of Judo martial artists and expected to continue the family legacy. But he's about to trade Judo for…cheerleading?! When his childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoto invites him to join the BREAKERS, a male cheerleading club, Haru finds himself amongst a quirky group of boys. Can this squad of slightly odd and cute members make a breakthrough in college athletics?

Source: Funimation

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Story + Characters : Cheer boys is about an all male cheerleading team which formed based on the dream of its leader, at Meishiin university, trying to break gender roles. Like all sport anime it has a goal of competing and in the case in the national championships against other cheerleading groups from other universities. Although I feel like they could of done better on this part as I found most of the episodes being on training or interactions with the characters and that is what sets it aside from Haikyuu or Kuroko no basuke, looking more like a slice of life. However this anime is extremely moving. Seeing the characters going through adversity and then resolving the internal conflict or weaknesses with themselves is almost a pleasure to watch and that is why it has so much character development, and I feel inspired. At times too this anime has its share of feels and it hits me everytime. I also did not have any idea that cheerleading had so much theory behind it like positioning, and I could say I learned something new. Animation: I'm really not much of a critic here, but the art style I had to get used to probably because I was watching a lot of other anime. The animations are fluid when it comes to them doing flips and I love how each character looks different and recognisable. The colours are vibrant also. Sound: I can't get enough of that OP and I love the meaning behind it aswell. Solid. Overall: My sport anime heart really wants more of this anime and hoping that it's polished up a bit more. However I had a great experience watching this, and would still recommend it.

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