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Jun 22, 2011

Story 7/10

Chance Pop Session or 'Chance Triangle Session' whichever you may call it, is an Anime with a lot of heart, power and friendship with strong references to destiny and fate. It is an incredible story of three young girls (hence the 'Triangle' in the varied title) living to make their dream come true, which is to meet the superstar Reika and become like her, a pop idol. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Anime, the ending plotline of the story is slightly easy to navigate your way through and guess. But there are a few twists in the story which keep it interesting.

Animation 6.5/10

Due to the age of this anime, the animation is a little dated. But other than that it is wonderfully colourful, the characters are animated smoothly and the scenery is a pictoral vision.

Sound 8/10

This is a Pop Idol anime... So there is a lot of music and singing. Not all songs created for this anime are amazing, but there are a few that stand out.

The Opening and Ending themes for this song are gorgeous. 'Pure Blue' is the opening and main song that the three girls sing as their debut. It is an awesome song with a great happy upbeat tune.

'Love Forever' is a simply stunning song with a very slow tempo and great lyrics. It is very fitting to the style of the anime and an excellent representation of the relationship between the three main girls.

The other small songs in the anime, mainly character songs, are fitting to whom they are associated. Except for a few they are quite catchy and simple tunes but I'm not going to mark the sound down for character songs now am I.

The OST is pretty much corresponding of the opening theme song, ending theme song, and Reika's popstar hit. Instrumentals and midi representations of these songs play constantly which can be irritating.

The voice acting in this anime could have been better (mainly associating this comment with the English dub). The only character that stands out is Monica Rial, Nozomi, who does her usual amazing job.

Characters 7/10

The characters of Chance Pop Session are fun loving and beautiful girls who have a very strong ambition to sing.

Akari Mizushima is a girl who aspires to become a famous pop idol and is a local gospel singer for her church. She has an amazingly happy life and is loved by all. Her character story is very simple and makes her a loving character, which develops quite substantially through the story.

Yuki Aoyama, the local girl, lives by herself and has her own small street band which is very popular over the internet. She is a bit of a tom boy with a kindhearted personality. Being someone who is dependent on herself for a very long time, she doesn't take long to express herself with the other girls.

Nozomi Kaibara is the generic rich girl. Her parents are financially stable... very stable... And Nozomi starts off quite snobby and has the usual developent into being a really nice girl with a sweet heart.

Overall 7/10

Chance Pop 'Triangle' Session is a special light hearted anime with a very strong bond between characters and viewers. Each character is unique and displayed amazingly. The storyline, though a little predictable, is still capturing and enough to make even the strongest person laugh, cry and feel amazed with every character.

7/10 story
6.5/10 animation
8/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Sep 7, 2010

While waiting for Kekkaishi to come on last night, I was flipping through the anime available via my Netflix for the wii. Lately I have been slightly disappointed by the small selection available, but took my chances when Chance Pop Session caught my eye due to the description sounding like a cross between Full Moon wo Sagashite and Cyber Idol Mink. My sister said go for it, and we did.

Lately, finding an anime has been like trying on jeans--it takes a while to find one you can actually get into, but you have to really get into them to find out if you like it or not. I'm a lazy person, so I wanted something that caught my attention from the second the opening ended.

My first thought was that the art style was so different from anything I'd ever really watched, and that I didn't like it, but it grew on me by the end. I did, though, get tired of the singing montages that were seemingly randomly placed throughout many of the episodes. By the ninth or tenth one, my sister and I were cracking jokes about them.

As soon as I was nearing the point where I would drop the anime, Akari's friend was hit by a car saving a child--yeah, I was laughing and making random Yu Yu Hakusho/Yusuke jokes. I'm going to hell, I know.--and my attention was renewed. Anything that could surprise me kept my attention. So I continued on with renewed hope.

When I learned of Reika's history, I was touched. It was a teensy bit cliched, the tormented singer with a dark past--we'll get to Kisuragi in a second--but the "tormented past" part was what touched me. Child abuse is not something I've seen too often in anime.

Kisuragi's history touched me as well as pissed me off. What kind of irresponsible mother losses track of her children? Tohru's mother in Fruits Basket went through the same thing Kisuragi did and she managed to keep Tohru. Nonetheless, it was interesting, and the little reunion at the end was cute.

Overall, the storyline--long lost sisters happen to find eachother at the same place--was what made me roll my eyes, but I lived. I did not spontaneously combust.

P.S. Shiro should have totally gotten some from Kisuragi after all he's done for her, but that's just my little silly opinion.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Apr 13, 2012

The episodes are repetitive.  The animation is mostly unimpressive.  Not even halfway through you know exactly how the series is going to end.  Exactly.

And yet, there is something about it that makes it special.  It is a sweet and inspiring series.  Only one moment was truly surprising for me.  The rest was very much predictable but I thoroughly enjoyed it and stayed awake through its entirety.  You know the whole time exactly what is going to happen, but when it all unfolds it is truly beautiful.  I don't regret watching this series at all.  I love everything about it, including all the imperfections.

6/10 story
7/10 animation
6/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Apr 23, 2015

Story: So in this anime it was about three girls who want to become singing stars, it was ok I like how they got the casting on on this one, but sadly the rest of the story and Characters in this show was flat

Animation: to me this was just right on the money for this show it was a nice change

Sound: spot on the the sound

Characters: realy loved the Characters super in to the acting and got it down right love the three girls to find out that they where sisters and got to see there real mom so yyyyyeeeeesssss

5.5/10 story
5.4/10 animation
10/10 sound
7.1/10 characters
6.2/10 overall
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Oct 4, 2009

How do you make a predictable anime enjoyable and inspired? Chance Pop Session's answer is to have highly interesting sub-plots that somehow sharpens the main story, incredibly well cast seiyuus and relatable characters. It seems with such a great combo, everything just comes together.

What also makes it so good is that it never drags on with the story or any of the situations so much that it puts you off. Instead, those stories are so well put together that you really feel the impact of the anime as a whole.

The animation for this title is good but has a couple of kinks. I'll start with the bad.

Some backgrounds are very uninteresting and plain, but more annoyingly they have static background people when everyone should be moving, like in a crowd scene. This feels a little cheap and quite disappointing compared with other elements of the show.

The character design is also one that the audience has to get adjusted to because it is somehow plain looking and static. However after a few episodes - once you get used to it - you can start to appreciate it as it creates an interesting dynamic with both the boring background but also with the vivid ones.

Now to the good.

Some sequences are just breathtaking and powerful in their depiction of a mood. For instance, the visuals that go with Reika's songs are amazing. The kind of stuff that would make Gankutsuou proud in its use of patterns, intense colour and flowing objects. Those sequences have to be seen to be believed.

Other scenes that reflect the great artistry are also dream sequences that involve Akari and Kaito, the moody piece that is the past of Kasaragi and some of the concert shots. Chance Pop Session also manages to include live action (just in the way of objects though) exceedingly well in some sequences (even better than End of Evangelion if you ask me).

The seiyuus are probably the best thing about the show as they elevate the characters with incredible performances. Their understanding of human emotion shines through (especially) Kasaragi, Akari, Nozomi and Reika. They depict the characters with restraint, which is to be applauded since this is a shoujo. You can even feel that they understand their character's emotions and that just makes them more relatable.

The songs are also quite magical (as one would expect from the show setup). The intro "Pure Blue" is an excellent piece of JPop that is quite inspired. "Love Forever" is in the same vein. The standout track for me is Reika's single as it depicts the sense of longing that runs through the show very convincingly.

The story is about three different girls wanting to because a pop star. They all do it for different reasons. Akari wants to reach people with her songs, Nozomi wants it because of her admiration for Reika and Yuki wants it to prove something to herself. With all these cheesy reasons, it is a wonder how the show manages to be successful. Well the way it does it, is that it shows you the reason why they feel that way. Once you get that understanding of the characters in your mind, you start to root for them, as they are relatable people.

The story takes some very interesting (if a bit predictable) turns along the way that just intensifies the tension and fine tunes the drama. The incredible thing is that you can see where it is all going but somehow, you're at the edge of your seat anyway.

The only issue I have with the story is that it is at first quite slow, you have trouble really getting into it and it wasn't until about episode 4 that I was interested to see what happens.

I have delved into the characters a bit in the story and sound paragraph. Shoujos usually do characters well and this is no exception. I will just add that the reason everything comes together is because the characters are so efficient. They are efficient in making you feel for them, and when you do connect with the characters the rest is just a breeze. Everything comes together and you get a very enjoyable and satisfying ending.

This series is easily one that I will view again as the 13 episode format is not an intensive task. The series also offers some great drama that is not too heavy going and that should appeal to most. I really recommend it.

8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
9/10 characters
8.8/10 overall
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