Alt title: Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalite


Cerberus Episode 9 - Catastrophe -Pandora's box opens-

The American government has made their move with a full on assault against the Catastrophe, but their real intentions are unknown even to their spy; History will repeat itself.

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Its anime is very similar hahhsjaj akjbshaj jakjsbjq kakbsjaj jajjaja kakbdjao kaiheja jajaja lanbe jdjwj laige lzugqj ksiush wplahhw laugwjvakwigw algwgqk ksigq kaiha oiwoqor lauhe laihw



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Jsjahdb akbsbs akbeba bshaja slkshqka alwhwbqka alahagala alsuqhq alahqgqj qlabshwjq alabq q alqhavw wlagqcw qlagw wmakvw wnalav rksjave ekakve wlagcw wkave qmahca

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Hiiro and Naru are very similar characters with very similar backgrounds and abilities.  They both trace their development to an encounter with a dragon from which they get dragon like powers.  Both characters are intellectually challenged, short tempered, and quick to action before thinking things out.  The settings of both stories are in fantasy worlds filled with similar types of creatures, magic, and medieval style setting and weaponry.  Both Naru and Hiiro spend much of the anime looking for the dragon from their past.