Alt title: Seisen Cerberus: Ryuukoku no Fatalite

TV (13 eps)
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Sword and magic rule in the continent of Kuna'ahn. Also residing there is the feared "Evil Dragon" Daganzord, an unstoppable force that leaves nothing but scorched land and destruction wherever he goes. Hiiro's parents, Bairo and Kismitete, joined other sorcerers in a magic ritual ten years ago in an attempt to seal Daganzord, but failed when someone interfered. After being rescued by Giruu, young Hiiro set out to learn swordsmanship so that he could avenge his parents...

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Let's start this review off on a high note! Let's start by complimenting the good things this series has to offer! *absolute silence* No, really ... there's got to be something good right? *Crickets chirping* Come on people, you know you can think of something! * ................................ * Can't you? -_-" *Clears throat* Well ... the animation and the OST were actually fairly good. See. There was something nice to say about the series! However ... that was all that was good about this series. Seriously. That. Was. It. Seisen Cerberus is another game to anime adaptation. -_-" Yes, another one. Japan has yet to learn it's lesson. Game to anime adaptations are very rarely well done. I can count the number of decent adaptations on one hand. That's it. The rest I've seen have been crap. Like this. And yet, Japan continues to try to ride a dead horse, actually expecting it to get them somewhere. In the case of Seisen Cerberus the horse was nothing more than a rotting corpse that had been decaying in the summer sun, it's rancid maggot infested remains permeating a five mile radius with a stench quite unlike any other. It's the stuff of nightmares! Frankly, this series has one of the most annoying MC's in existance. He repeatedly jumps into battles and gets his ass handed to him and yet ... when he should learn from that and think 'I definitely need more training 'cause I suck, and am weak,' he instead thinks he's somehow miraculously going to power up from the last time his ass was handed to him. It's maddening! In addition to Hiiro's horrific existance is the appallingly lax plot which is not only spotty as hell but is an immense mess of epic proportions that immediately spirals down in flames into a deep dark abyss with seemingly no end in sight. This series is horrifying in it's atrocity! If I hadn't promised myself not to drop anything from the spring season I definitely would have dropped this garbage and run screaming in the opposite direction without a single look back and without a shred of regret. Unfortunately, because I did promise not to drop anything I stuck myself with this shit. So don't fall into the same trap. Say no to this series before even starting it. Avoid this series like the plague. Just. Say. NO!


The best thing this show has going for it is the main character but only the types of power he has. The worst thing this show has going for it, is the main character, because he is such an idiot and a prick.  A guy like Hiiro makes a show harder to judge. While I want to give it high grades, his horrible personality does a great deal to reduce all the good qualities the show has to nothing.  It works sort of in a way by making his horrible qualities the source of humor but his personality is so bad that even the humor can not completely absolve this negative aspect.  A hero/protagonist character like him is so cliched it goes beyond a mere 'dime a dozen' personality wise at least, aka an arrogant, narcisisitic ahole type with delusions of grandeur and self importance who naturally pushes everyone around him away save for the very naive.  He is not drawn very well because his overly long eye lashes makes him look like a make up addicted vain ridden pretty boy or even like someone who started to cross dress but stopped before he put on the right clothes.  They are a bit excessive.  It would not be such a bad physical trait if there was something good about him to offset that distraction but there just is not enough to offset that bizarre physical trait.  It is odd because it is never seen in anime and rarely even seen on female characters to such an obvious and overtly blunt degree.  Sharisharuu is a better character.  She is an animal girl mage who is well older than she looks say 300 plus and has fallen for the most dispicable being on the planet, Nanbuuko.  She is cute and tries all she can to impress him in her misguided quest for his love but ends up doing things almost as aweful as he does.  Nanbuuko is the kind of rat you love to hate because he is everything most disgusting in a sentient lifeform and the very embodiment of greed, avarice, lust, and hunger for absolute power.  He is incapable of loving anyone or anything but himself and his own power.  He eventually proves this as well.   Giruu is a cool kind of teacher/mentor/parent that many children would love to have.  He is part monster and sword master and bodyguard.  Hiiro is like a son to him since he essentially raised him from a small child as if he were his own.  The setting and character set ups are pretty cool.  Hiiro's natural parents were powerful swordsman and a powerful mage and his natural father gave him one of the coolest presents anyone could ask for which you find out the nature of later in the series.  The backstory is certainly tragic but a bit too breif and lacking to garner a very strong emotional response toward.  Parupa is an enigma.  He looks like a mini dragon but nothing is ever revealed about who or what he is exactly so that is a fail on the story.  Erin is an interesting character aka a catgirl theif but I can not really say she is all that original or unexpected.  She is like a cliche within a cliche but she is done fairly well despite that and her questionable nature of which she questions herself is good drama.  I would love to say Saraato is a good character but truthfully she is so empty and bot like that it is hard to say she is even alive.  She is cute ish, and has a cute child like personality but that is also part of the problem given her adult body it somewhat throws a wrench into her concept in the sense it just does not feel appropriately fitting to her or the story.  Not that childishness is bad but she is so empty and mechanical that the child element just does not do enough to bolster her character to acceptance.  We eventually find out there is more to her than meets the eye but not really in a good way, though she is part of a very good ending.  There is not much to the rest of the characters or their originality.  Even many of those I mentioned already are not so original but they do have a valid stamp on the story and feel strong enough despite any cliche elements to the to stand fairly strong.   Other than the weird eye lashes of Hiiro the anime is done pretty well though it might be hard to tell that Giruu is actually part monster.  The intro of Saraato could have been done better and in such a way to make her feel more inclusive and essential to the story.  The effects of the anime are done very well as are some of the displays of magic.  It isn't all that great.  Most of the good comes from Sharisharuu's casting displays and Hiiro's powers and a little from the land where dreams die or whatever that place Nanbuuko lives in is called.   Honestly the story is fairly weak.  Part of it's weakness comes from how Saraato is introduced and used within the story that does not meld well with a good classic story format.  Another part is the backstory, while nice and well grounded feels a bit lacking and as if we are still rushed into the story because someone didn't finish their script work.  It is a Conan like quest to find someone who has stolen an artifact needed to destroy a dragon though it is also mentioned 2 other items are needed as well.  And this is where the story has more plot holes since the other two seem to have been conviently forgotten.  The dragon sound is fairly impressive as are the sounds Hiiro makes when using some of his powers or Giruu makes when clobbering enemies like a bull dozer.   This anime is not very strong in story mechanics but it still pretty fun to watch.  It is not exactly aweful either.  I would almost compare it to a twist on the Krull story as their destinations are quite similar and both male leads are of noble blood seeking something in this hard to reach destination.  Hiiro is no Conan and not quite as noble and cool as Krull either, but he does have that one really cool power which is really the only thing that makes him interesting and saves this anime from being totally mundane.

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