Cautious Hero: The Hero Is Overpowered but Overly Cautious

Alt title: Kono Yuusha ga Ore Tueee Kuse ni Shinchou Sugiru

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2019
4.081 out of 5 from 5,631 votes
Rank #1,109

In the world of Gaeabrande, Goddess Ristarte is tasked with summoning a hero to save her world. The hero, Seiya Ryuuguuin, is an OVERLY cautious hero who’s obsessed with muscle training and buying armor before setting out to deal with low level creatures. It’s simply one overly cautious mission at-a-time for this invincible hero!

Source: Funimation

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Spoiler free If you think just one episode cant ruin a good anime, oh boy you are wrong. Watch this and know that fact. Really, this anime ruined itself with just one episode, one turn from a good comedy-action mix to seriousness bullsheet. The whole plot and the mood took a complete u-turn from that one episode. I won't mention which episode was it, so that your surprise wont get spoiled. Lets leave that and move on to the actual review Story (7/10)Leaving that one episode aside, I think the other parts of the anime was great. The whole thing of the hero being too cautious and being too powerful was all great. The humor was nice too. Everything was right on track till that one episode came. Unlike other isekai, where the mc has to die to reincarnate, in this the mc is chosed by a God to reincarnate into another world, and can return back to Earth if he defeats the demon lord.  Animation & Sound (7/10, 9/10)The animation was nice. Fight scenes were ok, and the artwork was good too.And about the sound part, Ristarte, or the yellow thing, 's voice actor did a great job on it. The op was good too. Characters (7/10)The characters were good too with different designs and unique powers. They progressed along with the plot, UNTILL THAT ONE EPISODE CAME AND EVERYTHING WAS FUCCED. Other than that, it was ok. Overall (7/10)If not for that one episode, I would've given this 8/10 overall. Way to ruin an anime. Leaving that aside, this anime was great, and it had the potential to be more that what it has currently become.If you like anime, where the plot takes a complete 180, then you can watch this. If you expect this to be full comedy and his whole cautios thing to prolong for 12 episodes and so on, don't watch this. Also one other thing. The 'one episode' completely blurred my review, as I couldn't think of anything else while writing this. I apologize if you find that annoying, but it just lets you know how much it affected my watch of this anime and my whole memory of it. Thanks for reading btw! 😊


WARNING: Minor Spoilers Ahead! This was enjoyable overall but the ending left a bad taste in my mouth. Instead of wrapping up the story after a pretty sudden but emotional episode, they made it as if the entire journey/reveal might as well not have happened. It just seems like sequel baiting forcing people to wait to get a more satisfying ending. The pacing felt extremely rushed, almost like they were trying to tell a somewhat serious story with comedy thrown in but had to condense a 24 episode show down into 12. This leads to the serious bits of feeling very underwhelming and like it was suddenly thrown at you. I think there was huge missed opportunity here to merge the 2 elements more fluidly. There's no reason why you can't tell a serious or sad story and include comedy elements... but due to the rushed pacing you never have enough time to feel suspence, worry, or attachment to many of the characters. This doesn't affect the comedy side nearly as much, because to laugh at something requires very little investment. To empathsize with a character requires a lot more. The cast was also pretty small and I wish side characters had more development. For example, the episode with Adenela being cute added much needed personality to an otherwise bland character and made for a decent gag. Likewise, Seiya tormenting Cerceus so much that his spirit is crushed and he goes from a hardcore muscle-head just wanting to bake cakes was great. Side note, Rista's VA did an amazing job showing a wide range of emotion and the both the music and animation complimented this really well. Especially the scene where Rista was laying down on her bed devastated, we fast forward and you can see the dejected look and red marks around her eyes, obviously from crying. Great stuff, and I wish there were more small details like this thrown into the animation. Unfortunately like the entire series, the final episode was incredibly rushed and as the audience we don't get enough time to feel any serious emotions. Overall I enjoyed this show, it's good but it could have been great. It felt like 24 epsiodes crammed into 12, and I wish they would have went with 24 to allow for more fleshed out characters.


This is a fun deconstruction of the hero character, you know those heroes that always charge forward shining with hope & full of energy without giving any thought to strategies & tactics, and believing that they will win somehow. This show does a good job of pointing those moments and ironically, it brings some realism to how the situations should have been approached. I should say that this show is not for newbies, to really enjoy it to its full potential you should have seen quite a few fantasy shows first and be a little tired with the commonalities they share. The adventure itself is not the point of the show, as its just another iteration of the classic fantasy story that you have seen hundreds of times. Newbies may find the plot rushed, but is because of that, it basically skips the parts you have seen over and over and focuses on the deconstruction of the genre pointing out how things should have been approached if the hero were more cautious. The animation is good for its time but nothing impressive and it has good music and sound effects overall. I found the dub annoying, especially the goddess voice, I really recommend the sub for this one. The characters are just carbon copy from other fantasy anime shows, except for the hero of course and maybe some villains. Contrasting them with other shows is what brings this show alive. Overall I found the show entertaining and a good satiric comedy. I would recommend this to anyone that loves the fantasy genre and has seen lots of previous shows, otherwise, I'll say to put it on hold until you have seen more.

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