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Carving a lonely figure on the skyline of his home city, Catman is a solitary guy who spends his days as he pleases - except, he doesn’t always have that much luck and really hates the town he’s living in. From whiling away the hours at the slots to playing drunken games of bowling, Catman just gets on with life and does whatever he feels like.

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Have you ever heard the phrase "Back the drawing board?" This anime should have listened to that phrase. It felt like I was watching an unfinished storyboard.  Story: Slice of life of a cat, or rather a catman, who is often drunk and likes to jump across tall buildings. Each episode is a different tale about his life in the big city. The story itself isn't bad, and has a bit of a noir feel to it. The problem is that it's rather... simplistic, and doesn't leave much room for character depth.  Animation: It's flash animation, which can be quite good. The problem with this animation is that it often has story arrows still attached. The little arrows that point "hey, this is the catman" "This is the jump we're talking about." Because it is flash animation, the in-between frames tend to be lacking, and this makes for some bumpy transitions.  Sound: The Planet Smashers, a ska band from Montreal, Canada, provide all of the music. A Canadian band doing the music for a Japanese anime? Yes. In fact, I'm pretty sure the entire anime is based showing off their music. It's decent and gives a good vibe to the anime.  Characters: The Catman himself has a couple layers of personality. Everyone else? Either don't exist or don't matter. With no speaking parts and very little characterization, it's difficult to grade the characters.  Should you watch this? Eh, it's up to you. If you like cats, noir, or flash animation, sure. Otherwise, you should probably not watch this. 

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