Cat Planet Cuties

Alt titles: Asobi ni Iku yo!, Bombshells from the Sky

TV (12 eps)
3.464 out of 5 from 9,103 votes
Rank #6,809

Kio and all his family members are gathered for a funeral in Okinawa. This same day, a message arrives from outer space. There he encounters a girl named Elis who claims to be an alien.

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Man! I really want to like this one –I do! It’s got everything a nerd could ever want… allegedly.  I can only imagine that’s what this show was going for.  Cat girls from outer space?  Star Trek references abound?  A Gundam-esque space battle? -But, it ultimately falls short on delivery. Let’s do this. For one, the main plot, for me anyway, advances at a snail’s pace and then it’s thrown together at the end to wrap up the series (or season).  These Cat Girls come from a planet that is a sister planet, of sorts, of Earth.  The cats have come to make an alliance with Earth (trade, culture, technology, and whatnot).  The problem is, the Dog people got here first, and they’re not wanting to give up their monopoly on the trade agreements they have with our planet, and these new sexy invaders are a threat to that.  The dogs have legitimate stake in the game, they’re just made out to be more nefarious than they should be because the show is not called, “Dog Planet Debutantes.”  The Cats send a scout/emissary to Earth ahead of time; Eris.  Eris is a large-breasted, well-meaning Cat Girl, who is a bit of an airhead, and who can have her libido turned on and off with drugs.  When Eris arrives on the planet, she runs into an Earth cat who tells Eris to go to her owner’s house, and that her owner is kind and will feed her.  Kio, the cat’s owner, is a nice guy who’s really just into doing his own thing, and if you’re there with him? Great.  That’s a problem for the leading ladies of the show, who want to get their thang wet with our hero.  Kio’s got a childhood friend who - surprise, surprise - lives next door.  She aspires to be a CIA operative and she’s in love with Kio.  Kio also has a classmate, who is a secret assassin for the Japanese Government and is also in love with Kio.  The dogs are led by a “Dr. Claw”-like Dog character, who has an army of the most resourceful dog robots I’ve ever seen.  These dogs bots are, like, the Navy S.E.A.L.s of anime android dog slaves. The innovation and relentlessness these dog robots put forth to accomplish their missions, long after they were left for dead and forgotten about, mind you, made me want to root for their success.  I, also, appreciate that they’ve used a real location like Kadena Air Base, it adds some very nice depth to the backdrop, as opposed to just be given a general location, or stating that this takes place in Okinawa. The conflict stemming from the annoying, busy body, childhood friend is very nice, but the ineptness and indecisiveness of the main character is old hat and annoying.  Not that, that in particular is his problem; it’s theirs; he’s just being himself.  That conflict is done so much better than the rest of the show, in fact, that when those scenes of drama and dissonance portraying that underlying story appeared, it was actually jarring.  These girls are strong, independent women in their own rite, and they’re now having to come to grips with now having to compete, for the object of their affection, against the embodiment of a hentai fantasy who’s rarin’ to go; it’s portrayed in a very real and relatable way.   Here’s the thing that bothered me about Cat Planet the most, based off the blatant premise of the show, is -it’s just not ecchi enough! -You all can judge, but I’m just sayin’, you don’t pick up a show called, “Cat Planet Cuties,” because you’re lookin’ for the next wholesome, slice of life, cry fest –where’s the filth??? It just seems like such an afterthought at times, and few and far between.  In some instances, it seems like the show abandoned its roots all together to focus on being cutesy with their Hello Kitty Robot Cat Slaves. Does anybody else see the problem with this?  I’m part of this show’s target audience, so I know a thing or two about how this works (-and very little else!), and I’m here to declare: we’re not looking for frivolous nudity for the sake of nudity.  What do you take us for? –A bunch of 8th graders?  We’re complex creatures.  Porn is free and ubiquitous, and if you wanna play ball with other shows in this genre such as, “High School DxD,” and “Monster Girls,” “Cat Planet Cuties” better step up its game. People of my ilk are looking for the sexualized nudity and compromising situations that are the defining characteristics of shows such as this.  -Have I really gone off the deep end for that notion?  I mean, you ARE reading a review for a show called, “Cat Planet Cuties,” after all.  Look, it’s not necessarily a bad watch, but considering its target market, it’s not as good a show as, say, “Monster Girls,” which, by the way, has a very similar fundamental plot.  I feel like “Monster Girls” succeeds in many places this series falls flat, and it ain’t even that great. Watch it to watch it; there are some things to like about, “Cat Planet Cuties.”


An anime with minimum effort to make a convincing story. The scriptwriter practically took all possible fetishes and threw them at your face, trying to make it look funny. And indeed, ANI is really a parody of anime sexual fetishes… and nothing else.For starters, this anime did the mistake of airing in a time when such shows are all over the place. It is not special in any way; neither does it try to offer anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it hardly tries to be average. Even if it aims towards the usual target audience of males who still find 2D interesting, there is nothing in it that other shows around the same time weren’t offering in spades. So yeah, bad first impressions.The prime fetish here is cat girls. You know; nekomimis and tails and stuff. Using that as a base, any other fetish is an add on to spice things further. Which works for a few episodes, until the prime fetishes run out and the situation becomes far less exciting than when it began. Before I move along, I must point out that I find a girl with cat ears to be hideous. Especially if she already has a set of normal ones and the cat-like ones are popping as extra from the top of the scull. Yuck!The story (if you are able to find one) is about cat women coming to Earth to have fun and mess with the life of the Archetypical Loser TM; anything other than that is just smokescreen. There are supposed to be conspiracies and alien invasions every now and then, spies double crossing, mecha firing energy beams and huge spaceships blowing up. All of these are presented in the most simplistic and rushed way possible, just as filler for the real focus of the show, which are excuses to have cat girls doing sexual stuff.To be honest, the premise of the story could lead to something really interesting if it was taken seriously. I mean, it is about aliens coming to study human life and have fun while at the same time preventing their technology from being abused by shadow organizations and protecting the planet from being destroyed by their arch-enemies. Yet all we see is oversexualized nekomimis indulging in all sorts of deprived fetishes because they are supposed to be learning about human culture… which in the context of the series consists of nothing other than hentai magazines and cosplay shops. Seriously, WTF? I know it is a comedy which makes fun of otaku culture but it is doing it in such a blunt way, it is offending.The lead male is the driest form of Indecisive Leads you can hope to never see again, yet unfortunately here he is once more. I mean, seriously, the scriptwriters didn’t even bother to give him some quirk to at least look a bit different that the rest of his brood. He is just a four-eyed nerd who never expresses his feelings, never decides to get serious with his affections, always runs away from his problems… yet look at that, all the hot chicks love him just for that. Makes sense NOT.The lead girl is the usual bimbo with huge boobs and tiny brain who one day just drops in the fail-male’s house and immediately tries her best to have sex with him. Heck, it is part of the story too; she is on heat and MUST mate with the first male she likes. She chooses this eunuch, who for some reason hardly cares. Beyond that, there are two other human girls who are super spies or something, taking out armies of terrorists and fighting with mecha as easily as they are having their breakfast. They too are in love with the guy and his completely boring and dried up personality. There are also many other secondary characters, most of which are again oversexualized girs or lolis or MILFs who are there just to further advance the story with more FAP SERVICE. The story had lots of openings to be something really interesting and its cast had enough backdrop to be fleshed out a lot more. We clearly see scenes where the main girls offer insight to what has formed their lives and why they like the main cardboard of a protagonist. All of it gets washed away for sleazy nude and sex jokes around nekomimis, degrading them to nothing other than super hot nekomimi chicks on heat, who love to cosplay.A special note must be given to the mascots of the show, those small cat android helpers. They are supposed to be cute and eye-catchy. Only thing THEY ARE UGLY F**KERS. Their faces are just emotionless globes with two black spots and their movements are simplistic and not perky at all. They are distasteful critters and I hate them!

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