Cat Planet Cuties

Alt titles: Asobi ni Iku yo!, Bombshells from the Sky

TV (12 eps)
3.425 out of 5 from 9,589 votes
Rank #4,134

Kio and all her family members are gathered for a funeral in Okinawa. This same day, a message arrives from outer space. There she encounters a girl named Elis who claims to be an alien.

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Well, at first I didn’t know anything about this. I guessed by the name it may be pretty fan service oriented but when I turned on the first episode, it actually looked like it would be serious. Boy, was I wrong with that idea. It turns into a big harem mess. It’s almost just like Please Teacher mixed with other Harem shows. It’s all about food, boobs, and very little bit about the Sci-fi stuff. Let me give you an example of how this show doesn’t take itself too seriously. Eris beats a million tanks with hammers, even taking the clothing of the tank guys inside. And just when I thought the show was about to end, the show got even stranger with the cat girls going to a meeting wearing school girl swimsuits with a magical girl transformation showing naked images. The third show even starts out with a version of the Star Trek opening altered for the cat aliens. I do have a question, where the heck are all the male cat boys? I with I could see more diverse gender to this instead of all the girls… and this isn’t just because I’m a girl. I do like a lot of designs for anthro girls but I also like the ideas for the men as well. The only male we do see from cat world is an image of his mouth. We see no tail or ears and even his eyes are hidden from us.There are a lot of references to Star Trek and a couple other shows that any Trekie would probably fall in love with it. There is a special episode also that isn’t all that funny. Episode 9 talks more about how that catians and earthlings feel the same about a song that played for a special Sci-fi anime. The song is rather beautiful and gives the feeling of loneliness in space. Kio is just like Kei from Please Teacher. His voice, personality, almost everything feels pretty much like a copy of him except for the stand still-thing. He lets people push him around mostly, and is pretty much a guy that acts older then he is. He even stays with a perverted uncle. The girls feel like they were all pushed onto him and it really is too much like they just pushed every type of supernatural or alien idea into one small little area of Japan. The only character with any real since is Aoi. The reason why I say that is she doesn’t get made right away when Kio ends up with cat girls hanging all over him because of reading a magazine.The artwork is standard. Kio even looks like Kei from Please Teacher and Eris looks much like a sexual version of Horo from Spice and Wolf. Most designs feel like they were stolen from other animes. Its standard all the way threw from the character design to the background.The English voices are standard too, and yet seem to fit with the style of the show. It’s pretty much standard all the way threw so nothing special but yet I guess I could say that it would be pretty fun to see how it pans out. I would really see this as a watch show.


 Okay so i have had the unique oppertunity to watch this anime from both a subtitled and dubbed perspective. What you get overall is a rather cliche anime but a very endearing one as well. The overall premise is an alien race of cat girls have come down to earth and it just so happens that our main character is lucky enough to have them around in HIS house. They go on to fight dogs, cat nip and other concoctions as a way to build a relationship with the hero of the story. Ah but i won't give it away because that's something you will have to watch for yourself.  The animation itself is amazing, i thought that it was very much crisp and detailed in all shapes and sizes. Trust me, as much Ecchi and nudity seems to prevail in this show the detail is a good thing. Although i don't always view ecchi and nudity as a must watch i have to admit the level of crisp detail was pretty amazing. You can tell just by watching that the animators put a lot of effort into the final product. What we get is something that feels real despite being animated and we get clear and detailed images of every scene. I love how they made each character feel sexy. Sexy is definetly the best way to describe the animation in this show and i think it would please even the most jaded anime fan in that regards.  Well being that i have seen both versions of this show i would have to say the overall voice work in both versions is quite well done. I think they nailed down the essence of each character on the transition despite the little nuances. Okay so i know not everyone is interested in dubbed versions but trust me i feel that this is one anime that did it right. The character voices are articulated clearly and they feel that they belong there. Likewise the initial subbed version was also very well done. What it comes down to is your not really losing either way you go and that is why i rated sound so high here.  Overall a very enjoyable show despite the cliche of the cat girl element. I think they still made this into a memorable love triangle romance that any fan could appreciate becuase let's face it the main character is a pretty lucky dude. I think in the end we all win watching this show becuase it has enough going on for it, to keep you busy and entertained all the way through :)

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