Castlevania: Nocturne - Reviews

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Nov 12, 2023

Well... more of the same Netflix is doing lately: Racism, Bigotry and Ignorance.

white people's religions = bad,
white people = ignorant and villainous.

black people= powerful and wise,
black people religion = cool and powerful...

Almost as if all the writers Netflix works with are Racists, only capable of hating on white people. This was sarcasm, we all know that Netflix writers are racists. The biggest irony, when you think about how these far left extremists push diversity and equality, but in truth they are simply Racists.

For example, in episode 3, the story recounts the "liberation" of Haiti and Saint Dominique, which historically can be found under the "1804 Haitian massacre", a genocide in truth. But oh boy, the show glorifies this genocide, as if it were a good thing. This is at the same level as Holocaust deniers, and we don't like them, right ? So why do we not call out Netflix writers for the same disgusting deed ?

This show is a perversion of Castlevania. It is not Castlevania. It's the rape of Castlevania by woke, racist Netflix writers who only use the Castlevania name to push as much woke agenda as possible.

0.5/10 story
8/10 animation
2/10 sound
0.5/10 characters
0.5/10 overall
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Oct 8, 2023

It was enjoyable. This new title stands out all on it’s own, and is enjoyable on it’s own, meaning you do not need to watch original Netflix Castlevania series (especially if you know the games), it’s a nice installment to a beloved story by fans. 

The story of Castlevania continues in a new format with new characters. I was hyped for this show and it gave a new experience for a series I love. This new story delivered with new style of animation, art style,  fighting scenes, and (slower) growth of characters. The first season definitely set up the second season to have amazing growth in story and characters, especially ones that didn’t get much of a backstory.

 A lot of questions were raised throughout the story with a lot of high stake fights, conflicts, and overall living in a world where vampires are continuing to control the world humans live in . Each character plays an important part to the story, even the minor characters contribute to the main characters story in one way or another, which is really nice. 

Overall  picture was nice. The story was similar to the original series with the same conflicts, just delivered in a new way. Loved how Alucards art style was close to Symphony of the night. That was nice for those of us who loved playing the games.

7/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
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Sep 30, 2023

I had high hopes for this, and they were surely met. The action and backstories given for each character made this so worth watching. The artwork was beautiful, but the animation didn't look very smooth, especially during the fight scenes. I assumed it was meant to be that way. I hate the fact that they brought the beautiful Alucard out at the end because I would've loved to see his character the whole time. The plot was interesting, and the only underwhelming part was that after giving him back his power in such a newfound way, he was still a little weak. It was cool that he went from no magic to a blue flame, but it seemed overhyped because he still couldn't beat Drolta. Nonetheless, I am waiting for more and would definitely recommend it.

9/10 story
7/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Nov 26, 2023

Keep in mind, I have never played the Castlevania games. 

As someone who was not aware of the negative reception this series got until after I already watched it and formed my opinions, I will admit. This series is not good. But I don't consider it bad either. It was pretty middle of the road to me.

I enjoyed the first episode a decent bit, but everything afterwards was not very engaging. I actually found it boring of all things. Which is baffling because of how engaged I found myself with the previous series. The characters nor story are not nearly as engaging, fun, or exiting. It just felt very flat.

The main character doesn't feel at all like he is the MC. He has absolutely none of the personality Trevor had.

I wasn't expecting/nor wanting him to be a carbon copy or anything like that. But they could have gave him something other then just his sad backstory that happened in the first episode. That is literally the only excuse I can think of other then bad writing as to why he has no personality. Because he was broken by the events that happened. And that is giving to much credit IMO.

a majority of the characters were pretty bland and didn't seem well written. Annette Is the only character I can think of that actually had noticeable effort put into her. But I sadly found her boing like the majority of the cast.

The only characters I found myself liking were Olrox and Julia. Only because they have character archetypes I am usually drawn too.

I will say the animation, character designs, and voice acting were all pretty good. So there is that at least.

4/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
4/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Jan 9, 2024

Studio DR Movie’s 2023 Netflix horror fantasy is a prequel to the previous shows. It covers some more of the foundation story of Richter Belmont on his journey to becoming a vampire slayer. The action moves quickly from North America to France during the 1792 Revolution. Belmont and cohorts have to battle a Vampire Messiah in league with anti-Revolutionary elements in the Church. There is nothing wrong with the story and if you were a fan of the earlier shows you should check this out. Once you get used to an anime in English you have to overcome the dreadful voice-casting and simply appalling dialogue. There is a mix of nationalities in the mix lending occasional gravitas but Edward Bluemel has to deliver a shed load of complete anachronistic lines complete with out-of-place swearing. Then we have the darling voice of Pixie Davies playing a feisty teen witch Maria Renard. Pixie must have been about fourteen when she dubbed this yet her character is an older teen. The delivery is completely off and unconvincing – not really her fault just a bad choice for the character. Another voice-artist is meant to be from Russia but has no East-European accent at all. Several of these voice-overs should have been pulled and recast. The visuals are fine and some of the casting works well. Yet it lacks some of the charm of the earlier works. If you like lots of gore and just a little opera then this ticks a few boxes. We enjoyed the inclusion of the Afro-Caribbean slavery aspect and its relationship to the French Revolution which (from our limited understanding of history) is a fair reflection of the way things were. Enjoyable hokum but it should have been better. We rarely have cause to criticise the voice casting or dialogue on a show but this one absolutely stinks.

8/10 story
7/10 animation
2/10 sound
7/10 characters
7/10 overall