Castlevania: Nocturne

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Castlevania: Nocturne

Using the aristocracy to feed on humanity from the shadows, vampires in France await the coming of a promised vampire Messiah who will cover the land in permanent darkness to give them dominion over the world. Vampire hunter Richter Belmont and his comrades are determined to make sure this doesn't happen, but with danger coming at them from both bloodsuckers and their corrupt human allies, it becomes hauntingly apparent that victory is not assured - and not everyone may survive the ordeal.

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Keep in mind, I have never played the Castlevania games.  As someone who was not aware of the negative reception this series got until after I already watched it and formed my opinions, I will admit. This series is not good. But I don't consider it bad either. It was pretty middle of the road to me. I enjoyed the first episode a decent bit, but everything afterwards was not very engaging. I actually found it boring of all things. Which is baffling because of how engaged I found myself with the previous series. The characters nor story are not nearly as engaging, fun, or exiting. It just felt very flat. The main character doesn't feel at all like he is the MC. He has absolutely none of the personality Trevor had. I wasn't expecting/nor wanting him to be a carbon copy or anything like that. But they could have gave him something other then just his sad backstory that happened in the first episode. That is literally the only excuse I can think of other then bad writing as to why he has no personality. Because he was broken by the events that happened. And that is giving to much credit IMO. a majority of the characters were pretty bland and didn't seem well written. Annette Is the only character I can think of that actually had noticeable effort put into her. But I sadly found her boing like the majority of the cast. The only characters I found myself liking were Olrox and Julia. Only because they have character archetypes I am usually drawn too. I will say the animation, character designs, and voice acting were all pretty good. So there is that at least.

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