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When his wife is murdered by the church, the powerful vampire Dracula exacts his revenge by unleashing all the powers of Hell upon Wallachia. Wandering a land now plagued by hoards of demonic creatures, Trevor Belmont, the last son of the excommunicated Belmont clan, seeks to defeat Dracula. He is aided by the power of Sypha Belnades and Alucard, Dracula's estranged son.

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Ebonyslayer Dec 20, 2017
Score 9/10

I have been a big fan of Castlevania since I was a kid, playing all of the hand held games such as Harmony of Dissonance, Aria of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Eccelia and a few others, plan to play all at some point. I do have some nostalgia for the series, so expect my score to be a bit high. Story- The story begins when Dracula becomes involved with a woman named Lisa who only seeks to learn other... read more

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sw00ty Aug 10, 2017
Score 8/10

Castlevania is a gem in a disappointing year for anime thus far. Its also a fairly surprising one, for no other reasons than a) series based upon video games are often pretty hit-or-miss and b) Konami seems more likely to allow its properties to be turned into Pachinko machines than high-quality experiences anymore. Luckily, these four episodes are the introduction to what looks like a promising show, and... read more

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