Casshern Sins

TV (24 eps)
2008 - 2009
Fall 2008
3.658 out of 5 from 6,711 votes
Rank #2,599

In a dark future, the world is in ruin and everything is slowly crumbling away into dust. Humanity is almost extinct, while robots desperately seek out new parts to replace their rusting bodies. Their only hope for survival is to devour the one known as Casshern… or so they believe. Meanwhile, Casshern himself has lost all memory of his past. Why are these robots attacking him? Did he really kill the one known as Luna; the Sun that was called Moon? And why is he, alone, unaffected and undamaged by the ruin?

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vivafruit's avatar
vivafruit Jun 18, 2009
Score 6/10

Despite being a remake to a kitschy 70’s anime “classic,” Casshern Sins begins promisingly. In the first few episodes, the creators lay out a post-apocalyptic setting that manages to feel both unabashedly retro and grimly bleak at the same time. The resulting mix of camp and angst is weirdly intriguing, especially when the solid supporting... read more

HDeer's avatar
HDeer May 10, 2015
Score 9.5/10

Are you sick of seeing the usual criticism, mostly composed of empty words about something people were expecting, and it never came? Are you tired of reading reviews with exaggerated requirements, full of nonsense and comparison of aspects, which actually can't be compared? Then this review might be especially for you. Today we will concentrate on one of the most underrated anime, reboot of anime classic... read more

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