Casshan: Robot Hunter

Alt title: Casshan: Robot Hunter Casshern

OVA (4 eps)
1993 - 1994
3.026 out of 5 from 685 votes
Rank #5,219

In a futuristic Earth, robots have been constructed to help mankind and preserve the planet – but their plans went terribly, terribly wrong. Led by the android designated BK-1 – more commonly known as The Black King – these robots have since taken over the world and enslaved mankind, believing that destroying humanity is the only way to save the planet. Thankfully, there is hope: Tetsuya, the son of BK-1's creator, has given up his humanity to become the cyborg Casshan; with the help of his robotic dog Friender and his once-girlfriend Luna, Casshan will fight to clear his father’s name and put a stop to the robots’ murderous rampage.

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roriconfan Apr 24, 2012
Score 3.5/10

Boy, this was bad. Very bad. This was a “what you should never do when making an anime” type of series.


In a flash, Casshan is a lamer version of Matrix and Fist of the North Star. The machines have conquered humanity and a superhero emerges to fight them. Originality was the last thing the scriptwriters had on their minds. The story tries to... read more

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