Cardfight!! Vanguard: Legion Mate

TV (33 eps)
3.496 out of 5 from 452 votes
Rank #3,379

When Aichi Sendou defeated the evil Link Joker clan, the boy both proved himself as a top-notch Vanguard player and saved the world in the process. But now, for unknown reasons, Aichi’s very existence has been erased from the minds of all who knew him, and the rest of the gang no longer remembers their own friendships either. So when Toshiki Kai suddenly remembers his long-lost friend and rival, he’s determined to get to the bottom of why this happened and where Aichi might be hiding, even if he has to battle each and every one of his friends to remind them of the truth. With his new, mysterious “Legion” power that combines Vanguard units for a special attack, Toshiki will do his best to help the world remember Aichi.

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The Missing Leader image

Episode 1

The Missing Leader

Legion image

Episode 2


Aichi's Shadow image

Episode 3

Aichi's Shadow

Seek the Mate image

Episode 4

Seek the Mate

Naoki's Fist image

Episode 5

Naoki's Fist

Blue Flames Gaillard image

Episode 6

Blue Flames Gaillard

Steel Neve image

Episode 7

Steel Neve

The Leader, Kai image

Episode 8

The Leader, Kai

Introducing Great Daikaiser image

Episode 9

Introducing Great Daikaiser

Illusional Rati image

Episode 10

Illusional Rati

Freezing Ice Serra image

Episode 11

Freezing Ice Serra

Ren's Promise image

Episode 12

Ren's Promise

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