Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate

Alt title: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate-hen

TV (24 eps)
3.675 out of 5 from 189 votes
Rank #2,674
Cardfight!! Vanguard G: Stride Gate

Team TRY3: Chrono, Shion, and Tokoha, managed to win the championship of Generation Quest. In the mean time, however, Ryuzu Myoujin has a secret plan: summoning Zodiac Time Beasts of Gear Chronicle clan to Earth. Chrono and kouji want to stop Ryuzu, but they are confronted by a mysterious group of cardfighters known as "Company" who share Ryuzu's ideology.

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Storm Ryuzu's Lab! image

Episode 1

Storm Ryuzu's Lab!

Ryuzu Myoujin image

Episode 2

Ryuzu Myoujin

Hiroki Moriyama image

Episode 3

Hiroki Moriyama

Reunion with Kanzaki image

Episode 4

Reunion with Kanzaki

Taiyou Versus Hiroki image

Episode 5

Taiyou Versus Hiroki

Collapse of the Dragon Empire Branch image

Episode 6

Collapse of the Dragon Empire Branch

An Ill-Tempered Visitor image

Episode 7

An Ill-Tempered Visitor

Chrono's Memories image

Episode 8

Chrono's Memories

Awakening of the Depend Card image

Episode 9

Awakening of the Depend Card

Triangle of Divas image

Episode 10

Triangle of Divas

The Trio, Once More image

Episode 11

The Trio, Once More

Rive and Ryuzu image

Episode 12

Rive and Ryuzu

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