Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit

Alt title: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit-hen

TV (39 eps)
2012 - 2013
Spring 2012
3.385 out of 5 from 1,055 votes
Rank #3,941
Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit

It’s been several weeks since team Q4 won the national Vanguard championship, and the group members have temporarily split up to practice on their own. Upon visiting Card Capital one day Aichi meets a newbie named Takuto who challenges him to a game, but things get complicated when shortly after, Aichi’s royal paladin deck is mysteriously replaced with another, and no one seems to remember Blaster Blade! What’s more, Takuto reveals himself to be the head of a huge corporation and the sponsor of an upcoming competition where top fighters from around the country will battle it out in the arena - and team Q4 is invited. Now, Aichi will once again join forces with Kamui and Misaki in hopes of dominating the Vanguard Asia Circuit and reuniting with Takuto to determine the fate of his beloved deck.

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Gold Paladin image

Episode 1

Gold Paladin

Activate! Limit Break! image

Episode 2

Activate! Limit Break!

Team Q4 Returns image

Episode 3

Team Q4 Returns

Challenge from PSY image

Episode 4

Challenge from PSY

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Episode 5

VF Circuit Begins!

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Episode 6

Team Shinobi is Here!

The Lion that Exceeds Its Limits image

Episode 7

The Lion that Exceeds Its Limits

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Episode 8

Fortune-Telling Fight

Bet on the Goddess! image

Episode 9

Bet on the Goddess!

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Episode 10

Pride of the Elite

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Episode 11

Genius's Descent

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Episode 12

Snowfield Challenger

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Story This is the second season/series of Cardfight Vanguard. Compared to the first season, this season embraces the supernatural/fantasy elements alot more.  If you prefered the more realistic feeling that most of the first season had you may be slightly dissapointed, but if you wanted something more "Yu-Gi-Oh"-ish then you may like this season a little bit more.  I like the fact that it introduces new cards and the tournaments have new rules to spice things up.  The plot is still fairly predictable and there are some plot holes that you'll find if you really try to anallize the storyline, but it's still fairly enjoyable for what it is.  I did have mixed feelings about Aichi forgeting about psyqualia and there some things that I feel the first season did slightly better.  On the other hand, this season did have a more epic ending than the first season. Animation  The animation is more or less the same as the previous season. Sound The opening song is very catchy and gets you pumped up.  The first two ending songs are pretty good but the third is forgettable.  The background music is pretty much the same as the previous season. Characters Since, like last season, there are too many characters to mention them all, I shall only talk about some of the major ones.  Aichi did regress a little (though, fortunately, not all the way), but he does "man-up" alot towards the end of the season.  Kamui is less annoying and more likable.  Misaki's card battle skills seem slightly nerfed this season, but that does lead to some more character development for her.  Kai is a little more dochey this season, but he does show regret for it towards the end of the season (not to mention the "shippy" moments between him and Aichi).  Ren is alot more likable this season.  Nagisa is still annoying, but fortunately she doesn't show up as much this season (and some of her antics this time were kind of funny).  Leon is the new villian of this season.  He's fairly interesting, but his backstory could've been better. Overall This season is more or less on par with the previous season.  There are some things that the previous season did better, but there are other things that this season did better.

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