Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Prologue - Sakura and the Two Bears

Alt title: Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card-hen - Prologue Sakura to Futatsu no Kuma

OVA (1 ep x 27 min)
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Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Prologue - Sakura and the Two Bears

After the conflict with Eriol at the Tokyo Tower, Sakura attained the final Clow Cards: The Dark and The Light. Since then, everything’s gone back to normal––but only briefly. While Eriol has decided to move back to England, Syaoran suddenly confesses his true feeling for Sakura and tells her he is moving back to Hong Kong. What will Sakura do? Although she’s unsure of her own feelings, her best friend Tomoyo tells Sakura that the true answer already lies within her. That is when Sakura decides to make something for her dear friend.

Source: Kodansha

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Wonderful way to get us fans excited for what is to come next year! Story The story line is just as described in the summary, this is essentially the last few episodes of the animation where Syaron confesses his feelings to Sakura before leaving Japan. The difference here is that this OVA stays true to the manga, recaps what happened since the beginning of the story and prepares the audience for what is to come as foreseen in the very last scene which is the very first chapter of the new manga. I don’t believe the plot is different and neither was I expecting it to be. I felt the OVA was well done not only to show the real ending that we were previously given but to shows us what is to come while letting us enjoy a beautiful love scene from our favorite couple. Animation I kind of missed the old animation but I knew this was going to happen. There were some scenes that were kind of poorly done like when the teacher enters the classroom in the beginning and when Sakura walks around outside. The old anime would have never done what this OVA did, they used to draw everything and put special emphasis in the scenery. The animation was okay, but I did not love it. I hope when the new arc is released, the budget is big enough to continue with the quality that would be expected of this beautiful anime. Characters I love these characters, nothing else to say here. Overall The animation could be improved but overall the OVA was entertaining and made me very excited for the new arc which is sure to bring new material to the table with our favorite characters.


Think of this OVA as Reintroduction to Cardcaptor Sakura 101.  In really, this half-hour episode is a revision of the final episode of the 2000 closure, taking liberties with the original storyline.  I thank previous reviewers as delolmo and Shaggy410 for their insights as to manga and anime presentations.  But, with the thrill of a new season of CCS after seventeen years, you had to admit that reminders were due, even if it meant fictionalizing the fiction. The only development of Sakura in all this time was through the shounen series Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.  The characters Sakura, Syaoran, Tomoyo, Yukito and Toya are there.  But there … is where?  This anime is a brilliant adaptation of these key characters in new settings, an exciting search the realms of hither and yon for the scattered memories of Sakura.  Both Sakura and Tomoyo are princesses, so it’s great that they are getting up in the … well, whatever worlds they are in, they did good.  Sure, it can be confusing with new plot twists and characters as Fay and Kurogane (sure, Mokona is no Kero … but, is that bad?) and having to accept Sakura as a helpless amnesiac … Whoa!  This is a review of Clear Card Prologue.  Let’s get back on task. This adaptation of the last episode of CCS is not perfectly true to the original, with time being a subtle factor.  Things will be lost, or needing adjustment, or altered to fit new ideas. For example, Eriol does return to England, but he does make an appearance on his last day of school in Tomoeda.  But the boy has lost his menace.  On the day he leaves, he will have his farewell at his mansion with Sakura, Syaoran, and Tomoyo.  Eriol's old voice in the original had a timbre like Yukito's voice.  Here, it is richer and mellower, as if Clow Reed speaks, not Eriol.  Even Yukito sounds different; in his heart-to-heart talk with Sakura, it lacks the pitchiness and warmth. The exchange of the teddy bears, named Sakura and Syaoran (referring to an episode in CCS where such an act is a sign of love), is not so pronounced in the original, but it is extremely relevant to the 2017 production.  The final meeting of the two star-crossed lovers differs.  In 2000, Sakura rushes to the airport to see Syaoran away; in 2017, Sakura offers her bear to Syaoran at the airport shuttle stop just as the bus is set to roll away (again, a reference to an episode in CCS where Sakura and Tomoyo are emotionally drained by a similar parting scene in a movie [not so Syaoran, stoic manly-man he was trying to be]). The theme of unrequited love left CCS with an unfulfilled wish.  This is part of the charm of Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle.  Here Syaoran is devoted to the amnesiac Sakura, a devotion which attracts Sakura to reach out for comfort and security from her protector.  Even though Syaoran knows the chances of Sakura remembering him as a  friend are slim.  One would think that in one of the stops in all the world-jumping, the pair might do a stopover in Tomoeda and clear the elementary school of some ill-fortune.  Hey, I’m only in episode seven of season one.  Don’t spoil it for me!  And, yes, I know that such a lark is totally outside of the tension of the rising complications of TRC. The ending of CCS: Clear Card Prologue ... spectacular.  Using the character designs developed in TRC, Sakura is working through the first year of middle school.  Walking through a cascade of falling cherry blossoms (Sakura is Japanese for cherry blossom, the irony and symbolism so strong), Sakura remembers a wish of showing Syaoran the beauty of such a scene.  But ... wait ... a shadow cuts through the veil of pink. Oh, the theme of requited love ... damn powerful!

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