Cannon Busters (2019)

Web (12 eps x 24 min)
3.348 out of 5 from 1,361 votes
Rank #9,183

Immortal renegade Philly the Kid and his transforming pink Cadillac join a relentlessly upbeat friendship droid on her quest to find a missing prince.

Source: Netflix

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In this lawless world of criminals and monsters, a strange group of quirky individuals with a shared goal come together, the naive friendship bot S.A.M who will try to make friends with anybody that walks under the sun which constantly gets everyone into trouble, the maintenance robot Casey who has a knack for breaking things to fix them afterwards, and the immortal outlaw Pilly the Kid who dies more often than the entirety of the cast of Dragon ball combined, and travel together on their quest to find Sam's friend, in their mecha transforming car that constantly breaks down, and have to fight off hoards of cut-throats, assassins, and bounty hunters. The show's quite derivative, as you can easily draw the comparison to a lot of shows, such as Cowboy Bebop, Redline or Trigun, and the characters will remind you of a lot of characters in different roles. In fact, it's hard to watch more than 2 minutes without thinking of another better series. But this weird mash-up of genres managed to be mildly entertaining due to its high energy and groovy style and makes for a nice binge on a weekend's afternoon. The show's aesthetics are fairly great, the wild west themed universe with aliens and robots was interesting to explore, at least for a while before the show runs its gimmicky style to the ground. The story and the characters are nothing to write home about, the characters are comically generic, and their development is very rushed near the end of the series, they're quirks are also played for laughs most of the time, such as Philly's immortality, but otherwise bear nothing to the overall plot for most of the episodes, and at points, they can get annoying due to how one-note they are. The show is episodic for the most part where they arrive at a new city, a generic antagonist attacks them, Philly dies once or twice, a few buildings are blown up and they move on after they win. And the story is left incomplete, so unless this receives a sequel it'll be an unsatisfactory ending as the main story heads nowhere. The show peaks at its first episode but goes downhill from there, but remains slightly quite average overall but is eventful enough to pass as entertaining. All in all, it's a decent time-passer after a long week of work, but given that it's heavily inspired by many other better shows it might be the best option to watch one of these shows instead.

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