Candy Candy

TV (115 eps)
1976 - 1979
3.532 out of 5 from 1,529 votes
Rank #5,327

One snowy night, two babies were abandoned at an American orphanage: one of whom was dubbed Candice White due to her complexion and the name of a doll found with the child. As a young girl, 'Candy' lives a carefree life with her fellow friend Annie, until one day Annie is adopted by a rich family and forced to forget about her time at the orphanage. Candy soon follows suit and is adopted into a cruel situation, where love, reunions and other challenges await her. From country to country, Candy will experience the tragedy of heartbreak and the joys of friendship – but above all else, she will dream of the day that she met her beloved 'Prince of the Hill.'

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VALUE SECTION: 7/10 [Like old wine, it only gets better as time goes by.] This title is quite famous in Greece for being the first shojo series that aired on a Greek channel. Up until then, there were only a few soap operas with real actors that were watched only by middle-aged women. This series was the first to aim at little girls. Of course, it ended up being watched by boys as well, since there wasn’t genre variety to choose from. Plus, Internet and cell phones were still a myth, so there wasn’t anything else to be occupied with. ENJOYMENT SECTION: 7/10 [You will like it if you are not a Narutard-like viewer.] Anyway, sentiments aside, it is a good series. The story is quite sappy and melodramatic most of the time but it is still the best historical, girly drama I know of. If only some parts were more fast-paced, it wouldn’t be boring at times. I must also point out that I consider it overall far more exciting that any other World Masterpiece Theater anime, as I felt it was winning them all in variety and development. STORY SECTION: 5/10 [Hard to swallow but digests nicely.] If you are not accustomed to melodramatic stories, you will definitely hate it. It is filled with Deus Ex Machina situations, were every plot twist is either too good or too bad to be true. In the beginning of the 20th century, a baby girl is abandoned in the doorstep of an orphanage. The girl was named Candice (Candy for short) and was raised by nuns, along with other orphans. The first part of the story is her happy life there, making friends and playing games, while wishing for lovable parents to come for her. Really cute and joyful times, most of us would find vomiting…She is eventually taken as aid in a rich family. After a really tearful departing from the orphanage, she expects to have a happy life in an easy-going household. Unfortunately, the kids in the mansion are a pair of spoiled aristocrats that spend their carefree lives by tormenting peasants and pulling cruel jokes on Candy. And the adults there are snobby and joyless who dislike all aspects of her cheery personality. It will make you want to strangle them! It’s here where she falls in love with a (literally) prince in shinning armor and experiences her first romance. There are good times and there are bad times but this relationship will have a tragic conclusion. She later becomes a nurse during First World War and experiences one tragedy over another. She reunites with old friends, falls in love again and starts to learn about her real family. There is a lot of things going in it for an otherwise slice of life. The conclusion is sad but satisfactory, making you weep at the series’ end. As I said already, you must bear its unreal plot twists. It is only a good drama/romance thanks to them. CHARACTER SECTION: 9/10 [Extreme versions of good and evil but likable nonetheless.] Heck, what is there to say? Every character in the series seems to be cursed as the worst of possibilities happens always when things are about to pick up. They are all either too sweet or completely heartless. Candy is always cheery and cries a lot. Most orphans and poor people are kind and perky. The aristocrats are serious and complete assholes all the time. Grown men are the epitome of kindness and ideal husbands.I am not going to lie though; there is a lot of character development going on here, as everybody grows old and changes perspective or even dies. Plus, all those optical tricks (see below) make them enjoyable most of the time. ART SECTION: 9/10 [The animation is quite old but at its prime, it was a sight for shore eyes.] The animators used every optical trick used for atmosphere enhancement there was. The girls have big, star-filled eyes, really sweet smiles, tears of sadness and joy every 10 minutes, sun rays that pass before their faces, cherry blossoms fill the screen and many more. The depiction of the era the story takes place is not very detailed but it is romance inspiring by itself, so it improves the atmosphere even more. But seriously, for the time it was made this was as good as it gets. SOUND SECTION: 8/10 [Good but not great.] Music themes are really elegiac, making you remember the simpler, older times in the pastures and your first love struck (unless of course you grew up in a city or are too young to have felt that yet). Voice acting was as kawai as it can get without using ridiculous high-pitched voices. VERDICT: 7.5 / 10 The accused is found … NOT GUILTY! … He is very naïve but his heart is pure and intact. SUGGESTION LIST Anne Of The Green Gables, Eikoku Koi Monogatari Emma, Alps no Shoujo Heidi, Poor sisters story. All of them have a sad, old European atmosphere to them.


 I can't watch the series again because it's so darn long. You might think the same way, but if you love it, you might feel free to watch it again. The art, well, it's okay, but it's kind of squished up with each other, which makes it hard to see. The animation is bad, since it has characters jumping from frame to frame in an inconsistent kind of way and thus, it makes me really confused. The music really fits the tone of the anime and how the impact on the characters' feelings and emotions. They're very beautiful to hear, thus, very catchy. The characters kinda annoy me since they don't have very much development into them. I couldn't really get in touch with them because they're boring to watch. Although, there's some characters that I love, but most of them are just rigid. I didn't like Candice because she depends on life too much and, thus, she's too arrogant; in a way where if somebody doesn't tell her something she craves for, she wants to start a warfare with them. I dislike people like that, that think everything's given to them and get mad when something doesn't go their way. The ending is sad, and that's literally what made me cry the most, but the thing is, this anime sorta irritates me since it takes depression too seriously; trying to be like Full Moon o Sagashite, and bring up the sad parts too quickly and impatiently. People who do that rather make me feel humilated for watching it rather than being touched by the scenes. Candy Candy is a very good anime, but not one of the greatest. The one I find the greatest is Shokujo Sara.

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