Candy Boy EX01

DVD Special (1 ep x 7 min)
3.286 out of 5 from 1,677 votes
Rank #4,125

Twins Yukino and Kanade have just arrived in Tokyo ready to head to their new dorm, but their new lodgings are not quite what they were anticipating. While Yuki seems pleased with the convenience of having a grocery store downstairs and is trying to stay positive, her sister is proving far more difficult to please. Concerned at the lack of security and the tiny living quarters, Kana can’t seem to raise any enthusiasm for their new life, so in an attempt to cheer her up, Yuki decides to take her beloved sister on a walk around the city.

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MarcusChristoper's avatar
MarcusChristoper Jul 13, 2012
Score 8/10

This story is more of a prequel to the short series than a side story. It is very short at about nine mibutes uncluding credits and so forth. I can only give a six for the episode as a stand alone. As part of the series it would make far more sense, unfortunately that is not the case. The animation of the characters themselves was above average. What really made the animation stand out was the extremely high... read more

Nightmatrix's avatar
Nightmatrix Jul 16, 2011
Score 6.5/10

This anime show appeared in the random section on Anime Planet, and since it was only seven minutes long I decided to give it a shot. Was that wasted time? Certainly not, though I didn't get too much out of it. In all honesty, it's just a basic moment in the lives of two sisters ending with them walking home in the rain; nothing too extraordinary. Now, this isn't to say that an anime show needs a supernatural... read more

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