Candy Boy

Web (7 eps x 14 min)
2008 - 2009
Spring 2008
3.427 out of 5 from 5,092 votes
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Yukino and Kanade are twin sisters who now share a room at their new school in Tokyo. Ever since they were little, the pair has been exceptionally close – perhaps even a bit too close for siblings when eyes are turned away. But soon a girl named Sakuya, who often tails the two, begins to grow closer to Yukino; and after an alleged confession that she hears about, Kanade begins to get worried that something is going on behind her back. Can the three of the girls keep their relationships with each other on stable ground, or will jealousy and heartache come crashing down on them?

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Hello fellow anime fans. Its review numero tres from RandomRedneck. Got an issue with my opinion? Then shove it and go read a review from someone else. Today, i offer my thoughts on a show that surprised me. Surprised me meaning, it was actually good. I speak of Candy Boy. A show i sought out for the hope of some twincest yuri,(Don't judge me) and watched through because it was just that good. The story is about fraternal twin sisters Kanade and Yukino, who are living in an apartment together and attending high school. Kanade has a crush on Yukino, and Yukino seems aware of the fact, frequently teasing her over it. This is what the haters try to use against it. But trust me, they play the crush thing very well. The majority of the story is actually about them trying not to drift apart. Jobs and classes threaten this, and the girls(Mostly Kanade) have some bad issues with separation. The animation is pretty good, particularly the scenes they share in the snow. Sound really isn't anything that will blow you away. Nothing real innovative about the score. Hell, the show doesn't even have an opening theme. Character wise, this show is a firm supporter of less is more. We have Kanade and Yukino, Sakuya Kamiyama, a VERY annoying underclassmen who also harbors a crush on Kanade, and a brief couple of appearances by the youngest sister Shizuku, there aren't really any other characters of importance. No male lead, hell, males in this show don't even have any impact on the plot. At all. This is actually a good thing, as the story can focus more on the sisters, without too many distractions, aside from Shizuku for an episode or two. Another surprise, was the lack of fanservice. The swimming pool episode is pretty tame, and though Sakuya hopes for a hot spring scene, it never happens. So, to wrap it up, this show may surprise you. Expecting a fanserive laden, lesbian sister love fest? Then look somewhere else. Looking for a surprisingly sweet show about the bond between two sisters? Then check out Candy Boy. You won't be sorry. Yours truly, RandomRedneck.


STORYI picked this series after reading a recomendation on a website where I watched this anime (and many others). When I saw the tag line "incest love twin sisters and their everyday life problems" I was like WOW. "This is what I have been looking for! At last some good slice of life anime withc a little addition of ecchi love and humour". Finally some good anime right?Boing! Wrong wrong wrooooooonnnggg.. This anime had such a great potential in story but the authors just ruined it all. The story is boring, When I watched this anime I was bored like I never have been before and confused too. Although I must admit I only watched 5 out of 7 episodes so far and now I'm waiting for the translation of the last two. Why I decided to write a review of an anime I have not watched fully? Well I watched more than half of it by now so there must be a mirracle to change my mind about it now (to be fair.. I woudl not expect a mirracle from this anime now). Back to the story. One of many things that bothers me is how the sisters act. It seems that the writer of the dialogues was a 10 years old girl (with all your respect ladies..). Therefore the twins act like a 10yo girls but what I got from the anime is that they attend to some art college? I admit that I party a lot and most often act immature at college but the way the twins act is way too far. They are shy, they blush, they get embarassed because of stupid girly things and they talk childish. I think that the authors made a bad decision when they picked their behaviour:) What is more they childish acting is really poor. They are dull, empty and they lack of emotions. They are in love or not? Well it's obvious that the girls "like each other very much". To be hones they even say it to each other in first ep I think, they literally say "I LOVE YOU". And I have a big family but I have never heard this kind of "I LOVE YOU" from anyone of the members:) So yes, the girls really love each other although they don't want to admit it? Or maybe it's what I saw. That is one of the other problems - I don't know when they are telling serious stuff and when it's something unimportant. Once again, it's because the acting is dull, empty and completly emotionless. Whereas they should overflow with emotions and touchy moments.There is one thing I found funny in this "emotionless acting". All the other characters are acting the same. They are sisters in love (incest for me nothing more nothing less :P) and their friends see it, even their family see it and yet everyone act cool. It's nothing unusuall for them? In JPN it's common for incest twin sisters? Man! I'm breaking my piggy bank and 1 ticket to JPN please! Once again the writers failed, I think the series would be more interesting if other people would not accept this kind of relationship. A little conflict would be nice, some drama and love. EMOTIONS that is what lacks the most in this anime. But if you are looking for that..find another series (Ai Yori Aoshi I suggest). Give us emotions writers!! To be fair and square, there was one scene in one of the episodes (don't worry I won't spoil by even telling you what episode:)) that had some emotions in it. To be more precisely, it was an emotion flewing from one of the characters. It was this one, magical moment when I felt a little tear gathering in my left eye. When I saw that moment I took a deep breath and said to myself: "FFS.. finally!! Some emotions in this borring anime. Now it's going to be all right, they found what they have been missing in it". The moment I finished the sentence in my mind was the moment of the "emotion scene" ending.. 4 seconds to be accurate. They finally added some emotions and all of the sudden they get rid of them right away. I start to think that maybe the director and writer of the anime are afraid of their feelings? One more thing that bothers me in this series. Episode 1 was 14 minutes long (including title card intro and ending theme), 2nd episode was 9 minutes (the same stuff), 3rd one was 11 minutes. It is just impossilbe to compress so many story in that little time, not to mention only 7 episodes. Let's recap, they are at college, they are having forbiden love, typical everyday life problems and what is more other girl is having a crush on one of the twins. Well that's a lot and what is more funnier? You get to know all this in first episode. It looks like the writers just took a plot, stretched it out how much was possilbe then fold it up and wrap it in a tinfoil. Too bad it did not worked well.Ofcourse I will watch the last two episodes ASAP and modify this review if needed:) ANIMATION At least that was good! Yeah that is the first thing that breakes into my mind when I think about animation in Candy Boy (btw, what's with the title? If you know what it is Candy Boy please write to me). Both characters (even those in the backgrounds) and backgrounds are done pretty well. The level detail quite surprised me. I expected high detail from main characters but random people in the street? That is what I like in anime/manga, keeping the details so high that I could tell where the girl from anime bought that blouse. If it amused me so much why only 7,6? I think the action was a little static for me. I know it's not action anime or anything like that but all in all I did expected a little more life from everything. Details are good and lots of them but the "animation" is not so good. To be honest it is good but the overall storyboarding was a little stiff and makes the anime look more like a manga (or maybe it's just too late for me ;) ). SOUNDI don't find it annoying but I don't find it entertaining either. I don't even remember if there was any music in this anime. And if I don't remember then it means there was no music at all or it was poor and unappealing. The sounds are OK (you can't demnad much of sound effects from romance anime) and the voices are well done and picked just right for every character.CHARACTERS What can I say more? I think I covered the characters section in my STORY section. If the story is bad it means that the acting characters are bad. There is nothing more to say but if you want I can repeat myself and say once more that they are boring, dull and emotionless. The characters act unreal for me, that is a big disadvantage when you try to make a "slice of life" anime. Longer episodes and more emotional feelings and emotions exposition would work miracles with the characters and the series.OVERALL If this anime would have more episodes (similiar to the already existent ones) it would be marked as DROPPED in my list. I don't think I could whitstand this great ammount of emotions lacking, dull dialogues in a bigger series. That is the only reason why I have decided to watched it to the end, If I start something I want to finish it properly to have full spectrum of opinion. Despite all this talk, I really don't recomend it. I like romance, slice of life, drama anime but this one was not good enough for me. Although it is not very bad it might bore you like me.Feel free to comment or argue:)


This is the short and simple tale of two twin sisters in love… with each other. Yes, it is designated as yuri but outside of a few scenes it can easily count as a normal family oriented show… But then again it’s that perverted lesbian friend of theirs doing her hentai stuff, so don’t try that family thing.First of all I’m not really into yuri stuff. The only anime I dig with such a thing is Revolutionary Girl Utena and only because it had artistic expression, mystery, character depth, swordfights, shadow theatre play, thorn roses, wtf ending, a movie version and a great place in anime history as a really revolutionary series. Candy Boy has none of the above.Not that all shows need to be so epic in scale or complicated in thematics; some can be just good to ease the mind after a hard day. Aria for example is quite good at this. Some even find Gintama relaxing. Candy Boy is like that too, only it lasts way too little to make a permanent impression. The pacing of the anime is by all means just fine. It has no major heights or lows and hardly any conflict. It has a steady feeling of fuzziness and silliness all the way, with a few very simplistic emotional issues thrown in for a few minutes just for the heck of it. It is otherwise the normal lives of two sisters who love each other. No kisses or fights and separations at all; just silly comedy and every day actions at school or at the dorm. And yes, it does the trick.The question is, would it work without the yuri subtext? I sure sat to watch it because I was curious about that. If it wasn’t there I wouldn’t even bother. So it is a nasty bait of sorts who one may ask “Why in blazes did I fall for that?” It is basically guilty pleasure working here; no deny that the girls are drawn cute and sexy in a fuzzy calm setting. It works but again it’s basically carnal guilty pleasure; something Aria (or even Gintama) needed in order to work.Another thing is how the characters are not really changing or maturing in any way. The few emotional problems last too little to really make a difference. They are otherwise very simplistic, with the lesbian friend being a silly comic relief otaku. It may work while watching but they are not memorable afterwards for the same reason. All these wouldn’t work without proper production values and Candy Boy excels in this. There is a great deal of detail given to backgrounds and the characters are very well drawn all the time without any significant quality drop anywhere. My only qualm is that there isn’t that much motion in this series. All background crowd and even the main characters don’t move too much. The soundtrack is actually a very good set of pop songs; very fitting to the mood of the series. Each episode features its own song too. Still, nothing worthy of remembering. The dialogues are also very likable, full of simple yet direct with emotions context. But boy, they are repeating the –chan honorific, like, a million times.But after all that, this anime is simply not something memorable. The fuzzy feeling may stay with you but it is not something Aria didn’t achieve as well with far more duration, equally good production values, far greater duration and in no need of yuri baits. So not much value is to be found in this.

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