Candy Boy

Web (7 eps x 14 min)
2008 - 2009
Spring 2008
3.402 out of 5 from 4,673 votes
Rank #3,630

Yukino and Kanade are twin sisters who now share a room at their new school in Tokyo. Ever since they were little, the pair has been exceptionally close – perhaps even a bit too close for siblings when eyes are turned away. But soon a girl named Sakuya, who often tails the two, begins to grow closer to Yukino; and after an alleged confession that she hears about, Kanade begins to get worried that something is going on behind her back. Can the three of the girls keep their relationships with each other on stable ground, or will jealousy and heartache come crashing down on them?

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randomredneck's avatar
randomredneck Mar 9, 2011
Score 8/10

Hello fellow anime fans. Its review numero tres from RandomRedneck. Got an issue with my opinion? Then shove it and go read a review from someone else. Today, i offer my thoughts on a show that surprised me. Surprised me meaning, it was actually good. I speak of Candy Boy. A show i sought out for the hope of some twincest yuri,(Don't judge me) and watched through because it was just that good. The story is... read more

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stalkingcats Oct 16, 2010
Score 7.5/10

Candy BoyOh c'mon, twincest and yuri. What more could you ask for?Story: Don't expect so much from a slice-of-life anime. Especially one with 'bout 7 episodes. Just very random things about their very normal life. This whole thing is about two siblings who are in *love* with one another. Yes, that kind of love that is so very soft that they themselves don't even realize it. Animation: I like, I like. Nah... read more

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