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In the present day, a young group of friends is eager for their band to play in an upcoming festival. Unfortunately for them, the stage has been cancelled! Now, they must race against the clock to convince the mayor to let them play their Canary's song... for fame and glory!

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XoLogic Apr 12, 2012
Score 1/10

As I was going through the random anime area, I happen to come across this one, now after watching just one esp all I can say is that if god was willing for me to give it a score of zero then I would give it a score of zero but lucky for this anime I give it a 1 since 0's does have a place in my reviews rating's read more

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galacticdude7 Dec 6, 2009
Score 1/10

-Story-To make a long story short, Canary's plot absolutely sucked. It was completely implausable and made no sense at all. It felt like the story was written by a sugar-high 12 year old. They make only slight references to seemingly critical parts of the story, like what exactly Canary is. Also they are supposed to be a rock band but you only see them with instraments at the end. ADD seems really rampant in... read more


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