Campione! Episode 3 - From Afar, An Enemy Comes

Athena has come to Japan looking for Medusa and for that Godou will have to die, again.

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From Afar, An Enemy Comes

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Demon King Daimao

Demon King Daimao

Akuto Sai enters the Constant Academy for Magick Arts hoping to become a high priest and change the world for the better. But when the school's oracle declares his future profession to be 'Demon Lord', he finds himself feared and hated by the entire student population. Now, instead of making comrades and studying for his exam, Akuto finds himself fighting off...

7 people think you'll like this

SeiyaManG SeiyaManG says

Both of these are fantasy shows with an interesting premise and powerful protagonists. Whether it's being the Demon Lord or the Campione, both leads manage to find themselves in interesting situations revolving around their bountiful female casts. If you like one, you're bound to like the other.

Zarrokian Zarrokian says

Both are about a guy who didnt nessecarily choose to be powerful but had this power thrust upon... neither of the main characters likes to be called by their respective title "Demon King" or "King/Campione". and also they're both harems... oh and they both fight magical beings... Id say if you like Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou you'd like Campione! and if you liked Campione! you might like the other...

DeViouZ DeViouZ says

Both have a similar kind of storyline with a harem also both MC's wield great power, Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou has more Ecchi/fanservice scenes but both of them or very good nonetheless.

Strike the Blood

Strike the Blood

300 km south of Tokyo lies Itogami Island - a man-made landmass that’s been authorized by the government to house spirits, vampires, mermaids, and other magical beings who’ve been pushed to the brink of extinction. Kojou Akatsuki is one such resident who used to be a typical high school boy, until an incident 3 months ago turned him into the...

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fishpaste909 fishpaste909 says

Both anime feature a normal guy who gains Crazy power suddenly and seems to need women to help him unlock it.

Both have girls, action, and some fanservice.

DarkMagicianGirl DarkMagicianGirl says

In strike the blood kojou has more familiairs. Godou has also more than 1. What not normal is in both worlds. Both the main chars need to develope those powers... With some help from girls. What brings both main chars in a lot of akward positions and problems. Both get a harem of girls. Godou need the girls to kiss him. On the other hand Kojou needs the blood of the girls.

If you like one of the you should watch the other. The storylines are differend but some ways fammiliar. Both the boys are almost similiar to the power of the gods.

manuueex manuueex says

Both story are centered about a main character which is a normal teenage guy that got a lot of power after a sudden event, then they are surrounded by a bunch of girls.

High School DxD

High School DxD

All the perverted Issei wants is to squeeze bountiful boobs all day long, so he's thrilled to join Kuou Academy, a once all-female high school filled with gorgeous girls. But little did the boy know that after finally getting a girlfriend, she'd turn out to be a fallen angel who'd drive a lance through his heart, killing him on the spot! Luckily, the...

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ThePolishthunder ThePolishthunder says

General story is similar, the main character gains supernatural powers and is dragged into a world of Gods/Devils leading to many fights and forming a harem along the way.

hannes33 hannes33 says

Well there are similar elements in both animes, such as fanservice/ecchi, fighting scenes, loads of humor and girls. It is likely that you would like both animes, when you like one and if you ask me, both animes are definetely worth watching.

Keep in mind though that the male main charakters differ a lot, since the one in High school DxD is quite the perv.

NaruyashaStar NaruyashaStar says

1 hero, 4 beautiful girls, 1 strange (ecchi) way to get stronger, 1 great power that mysteriously appear in the hero... same idea!!