Call of the Night

Alt title: Yofukashi no Uta

TV (13 eps)
3.999 out of 5 from 6,538 votes
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One night, sleepless Yamori slips out of his home to walk the streets of his town. Life after dark is a revelation! Especially when he meets flirtatious Nanakusa... She's a lot more fun to share the night with than old drunks on park benches. When she invites him to spend the night at her place in an abandoned building, he's stoked! But then he awakens to kisses on his neck with a little too much bite to them...

Source: VIZ Media

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"Listen to the children of the night. What music they make!" - Count Dracula Call of the Night is something of a feel-good show. In it, the protagonist Ko Yamori, a middle schooler who was growing restless. Eventually, he stops going to school altogether and becomes a night-walker. It is there that he meets the vampire Nazuna Nanakusa who helps him to realize the fun of the night. As such, the night is depicted as beautiful and captivating. It hits several feelings one would have about the night. Imagine being alone at night maybe at a gas station or perhaps in the middle of the road no cars coming. You have that little space all to yourself, a sanctuary. It is breathtakingly intoxicating. Yamori is an alright lead character. His main initiative in the show is to fall in love with Nazuna so that he could become a vampire himself for reasons. I do like his interactions with Nazuna, especially whenever she gets him all hot and bothered for the lulz. Nazuna is easily the best character of the show. She looks like a mix between Himiko Toga from My Hero Academia and that one chick from that gambling anime. She is a very laid-back woman who loves interacting with people who love the night as much as she does. She also says lewd stuff without much of a filler but it is equally funny that she becomes embarrassed at the mention of the word "love." In fact, she is actually pretty considerate with having people consent to her drinking their blood as she did not want to be seen as "bad." Her relationship with Yamori is interesting. When she first meets him she does so with a hint of curiosity nothing too serious. This changes when she starts to selectively suck his blood (good god, the scenes of Nazuna salivating and drawing blood is animated too well for its own good). The more they get to know each other, Nazuna develops a bit of a possessive attitude when it comes to Yamori. The first instance of this comes with her meeting Yamori's childhood friend Akira. Like with anything, Nazuna tries to claim she was not angry only to call Yamori an idiot and give him the bird. The other instance is when Yamori promises one of her customers (Nazuna is a professional cuddler) that he would make her a vampire so she would no longer have to work at her job at random hours. Nazuna takes him to a night pool and tries to get a rise out of him when two men were flirting with her. Classic jealousy. The animation is beautiful complimenting the theme of the night being wonderful. The scenes of Nazuna carrying Yamori as she is flying in the air are amazing. The acting is good, especially when it comes to Nazuna herself, and the opening and ending themes are headbangers.


This review is more of a quick summary of what the show is about and my thoughts on it. You can tell how much passion I have for the topics that Yofukashi no Uta handles, so I only hope that this will push others to see it in the same myriad lights I do or build upon it more meaningfully than I could (since its topics aren't exactly my forte). But here is my lite looking-into of Yofukashi no Uta, aka Call of the Night: As people exist, they are defined by the things they surround themselves with. To continue walking forward on your own path is a liminal experience we call growth. Everyone might be experienced with the thought of liminal spaces due to shows just like Yofukashi making excellent use of empty architectural space to drive its aesthetic and art direction. This has and always will hold symbolic value for us. Liminal spaces being used in a show about an especially liminal being, a vampire, hits all the marks. What makes a vampire especially liminal, though? Throughout history, humanity has had an obsession with death. Because they fear that death is the end of the road we call growth, they conjured a space after mortal death, where spirits go and continue. Whether you wish to call it heaven or hell, purgatory or Naraka, is up to you, but because vampires can exist within folklore and stories, another side of death is explored. To be precise, a vampire is a being that cannot experience mortal death. Even in stories about killing vampires, the ways vampires get killed are anything but normal. What this constitutes is that vampires no longer exist upon the same liminal experience mortal creatures live on. Because vampires represent the failure of mortal death, they take on a new symbol, something that is neither alive nor dead, but between it: Undeath. It is this existence within the between that defines the vampiric logos, both an inability to grow and an inability to end. This is what makes Yofukashi an incredibly interesting and fun show. It's about a vampire that wishes for growth, and a human that wishes to experience life from the perspective of a vampire. It's impossible to tell if they will forge a new meaning for vampiric life, or if they will fall into the trappings of boredom forevermore.Simply for aesthetics and mimesis, I give this show 8/10, which is the highest rating I give to anime that doesn't hold an intrinsic meaning for me.

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