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Bungou Stray Dogs 2nd Season
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Mar 21, 2020

Warning: spoilers ahead.

In all honesty, I really enjoyed the second season more than the first one. Probably due to how Dazai's character is explored more thoroughly here, regarding his Port Mafia past and everything. Oh, and Oda Sakunosuke? I am in love with you and I will always have you in my heart. Although Odasaku only appeared for 4 episodes, I was able to grow an attachment to that man, as well as the friendship he shared with Dazai. In a workplace where you really can't distinguish friend from foe, you're really into suicide and are a dark and lonely genius, having someone you can actually trust sincerely as a friend is heartwarming.

It hurt me both physically and mentally when Dazai ran to Oda's dying body. Oda tells Dazai that the world isn't all black and white, that good and bad aren't as simple as that. They're all grey -- they all somehow end up doing rather dirty work to chase a goal. Dazai listens to Oda, his only real friend during his time in the Port Mafia, and Oda tells him how it'd at least be better for him if he were to join the side which saves people. So, in regards to his friend's last dying wish and words, Dazai ends up leaving the Port Mafia.

He joins the Armed Detective Agency, and his appearance visibly softens. From going all black to having a light blue undershirt and a brown trenchcoat. Although I do think that I like Dazai's Port Mafia outfit more compared to his ADA outfit, I prefer his current personality and beliefs. He has always been a dark and lonely genius, and probably still is, but his view on life is slightly more hopeful and 'light'. It's not exactly easy to describe, but I just like how Dazai is in the present, as annoying and unpredictable he may be at times. 

Dazai and Chuuya's partnership is also something I liked -- frenemies that trust each other with their lives. Although they probably never explicitly said anything about it, they'll always have each other's backs, and both of them know each other like each of the back of their hands, and that is exactly why Chuuya is 'annoyed' at Dazai. Nevertheless, their teamwork is great.

The fight between ADA and Port Mafia becoming them allying against The Guild also highlighted how treacherous people can be, and it is basically part of human nature. You can't believe everything you see or hear, and you can never take anything at face value. There is seemingly always a reason behind something. Human intentions are impure, and that is basically what makes Dazai up. He is a sickening, impure genius, whose intentions are rather unclear at times, but he is Dazai -- the genius that has successfully made everyone fall in love with him.

I don't know what I'm ramblng about anymore. I just love Dazai and the plot is pretty good.

Honestly, I didn't want to start Bungou Stray Dogs at first as I felt like it was rather overhyped, but I was proven wrong when I actually gave it a shot. I wasn't really aware what it was all about, but after finding out this was actually seinen, I was intrigued. I love animes that tackle rather political and psychological themes. Characters like Dazai are the ones who pull me into the story as well (see: Lelouch from Code Geass and Guren from Owari no Seraph). They are just great. 

8/10 story
9.5/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Mar 24, 2019

*In anticipation of season 3, I'm sharing my thoughts. This review is for season 2, but Plot/Story and Characters sections touch on aspects relevant to season 1. Beware: minor spoilers ahead.*

Bungou Stray Dogs Season 2 is split into two parts: the first four episodes are flashbacks to Dazai's life as the youngest executive in the Port Mafia, told from his friend Oda's perspective; the latter eight episodes continue the main storyline, as the Armed Detective Agency takes on a new threat. 

The storyline and character arcs are deepened, the action kicks up a notch, and the score and animation are just as great as before. Overall, this is a step above season 1 but it's not without problems.

- PLOT/STORY 6/10 - 

The plot remains frustratingly imperfect this season, despite good pacing. Plot was also the weakest link of season 1 due to an apparent lack of an overall goal, which left me constantly wondering when the show would drop the comedic front and get down to business. Season 2, at least, didn't suffer from lack of an overall goal. Rather, that goal just wasn't all that interesting. 

The show seems to struggle to establish relevant stakes. Part of the problem is that it's done such a great job of convincing us that the characters are overpowered (I'm looking at you: Ranpo-san). There's a serious disconnect between the established storyline and the character arcs. Dazai's character - being already so far removed from the plot - saves this season with flying colors (more on him below). But season 3 could turn out to be really disappointing if this issue isn't resolved.

Overpowered characters aside, I have to say that Bungou Stray Dogs does a pretty good job of executing the overused superpower trope in a manner that feels refreshingly original. Yes, most characters are overpowered, but each has a specified weakness (except *cough* Ranpo-san *cough*) and Bungou Stray Dogs always makes it clear that the strongest characters are consistently the ones you least expect, often with the simplest abilities (a message I LOVE). It deepens character relationships significantly and kept me on my toes.

For example, one might immediately assume Akutagawa to be the strongest, given how versitile and offensive his ability is, or Kenji, who literally has super strength. However, its Dazai's strategic mind and ability to nullify a person's gift with a single touch that consistently enables him to gain the upper hand in almost every battle (despite the obvious fact that he completely lacks combat skills).

Dazai's former partner, Chuuya's, gift of manipulating gravity is also not an obvious candidate for strongest ability (just think of Ururaka from My Hero Acadamia). But Chuuya proves us wrong in one of the most epic fight scenes I've seen in awhile. Same goes for Oda's gift of seeing 5-6 seconds into the future - an ability initially disregarded by many, but one Dazai proclaimed to be too powerful for even Akutagawa to defeat.

This show is not about physical strength and the emphasis on morality and strategy makes the overpowered nature of some of these gifts forgivable. 

 - ANIMATION 10/10 - 

The animation is a cut above. I adore the style and art direction, particularly the character designs. No two characters look alike - their idiosyncracies are all represented on their person in some form and the colors/shapes of their eyes are striking (especially Atsushi's). They feel far more realistic than your average cast. Action sequences are also incredibly fluid. A real joy to watch. 

- SOUND 8.5/10 -

The score for Bungou Stray Dogs is mostly classical - something you don't see too often in anime of it's kind. Somehow, it all blends well with the J-pop opening, which is up there with some of my favorite anime openings ever. However, there were multiple instances when the sweeping melodies of the score felt out of sync with the storyline, which annoyed me (though this seems more like a storyline problem than a sound problem).

- CHARACTERS 10/10 - 

Here's where we see some major improvement from season 1. I don't think I've ever encountered such unique, interesting, and deeply realistic characters.

You've got our main character, Atsushi, who struggles to let go of the pity he feels towards how helpless he was in his past, but who makes every effort to be a genuinely good person. Then there's Kunikida, whose openness regarding his struggle to manifest his idealistic worldview (which also happens to be his ability, quite literally) makes him one of the kindest characters I've encountered, albeit rigidly pragmatic. 

And then of course there's Dazai, our favorite mysterious, mischevious, morally-gray shadow king. His role in season 1 seems to be purely comedic, but Dazai proves to be the center of gravity for literally every plot point in season 2. Learning about his past experiences in the Port Mafia and his deeply depressive struggle to find meaning in his lonely existence makes Bungou Stray Dogs one of the most mature shows I've seen to date.

But none of this is obvious - you have to do a little digging. Once you do, you'll realize our main character - Atsushi - and his rival - Akutagawa - actually represent the two sides of their mentor, Dazai. Atsushi represents the part of Dazai nurtured by Oda, which aspires to do good. Akutagawa, on the other hand, embodies Dazai's Dark Era, when he lacked any sense of righteousness and killed indiscriminately. Things get more interesting upon learning that while Dazai shows Atsushi patience and compassion, he repeatedly manipulates and abuses Akutagawa. 

Yes, Dazai is stupidly suicidal and the show somehow turns that into a genuinely comedic idiosyncracy. But by season 2, it's obvious Dazai could easily have killed himself by now if he really wanted to. To Dazai, living is unbearable and something he genuinely wants to escape. But it is the part of him that desperately desires to find a reason to live that leads him to foil his suicide attempts every single time. The tension between Atsushi and Akutagawa embodies, in part, Dazai's own struggle to reckon with his past motivations for living while still part of the Port Mafia. And it's a struggle that feels remarkably human.

Couple all that analysis with the fact that each character is named for a famous Japanese (or American) author and you have a whole additional layer of depth to consider (for starters, real-life Dazai died by double suicide), though I wish the original author took this symbolism a bit more seriously. The best part is that there is still so much room for character growth, development, and exploration, especially considering how little we still know about Dazai. Season 3 has a LOT it could deliver on and I couldn't be more stoked.

- CONCLUSION 8.63/10 -

Bungou Stray Dogs is one of the most polarizing and underrated anime out there, with mature themes and complex, realistic characters who stick with you over time. You'll either love it or hate it. If you would rather piece together character development than feel wowed by an epic storyline, then this is the anime for you. Otherwise, consider passing.

6/10 story
10/10 animation
8.5/10 sound
10/10 characters
8.6/10 overall
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Oct 19, 2018

Much better than the first season; there are still some funny moments, but the comedy was toned down a lot in order to amp up the drama.  Some things I had nitpicked in the season 1 review were explained as well, making me wonder why they didn't just put this out as a 24 episode series to begin with (even the episode numbering continues at 13 with the first episode of this season).


There are two plots in this; the first spans episodes 1-4 and goes into Dazai's past and how he came to be with the Agency, and episodes 5-12 deals with what was dropped in episode 12 of the last season.

Like I've done with Fairy Tail and SAO, I'll divide the rating of the story arcs.

As stated before, the first plot we get is into Dazai's past of the time he was working for the Port Mafia.  We see his old partners, as well as the case which led him to leaving the Mafia to join the Agency and the reasons behind it.  The arc is extremely dark, which certainly changes up the pace of the anime.

I'd give the arc a 9 out of 10; it was very well done, but not without its issues which prevents me from giving it a full score.

A new organization from America is making their move to try and retrieved Atsushi themselves, as well as to complete their own goals.  They don't do this quietly, however, and their methods not only puts the members of the Agency in danger, but also all of the citizens of Yokohama.  Even the Mafia is troubled by The Guild.

I'd give this arc a 7 out of 10; due to the first 4 episodes being a prologue of sorts, they had to rush the confrontation with the Guild organization...and it shows.


We're introduced to a slew of new characters, some from Dazai's past and some from the Guild arc. 

Already established characters get a little more of an opportunity to grow, and the Agency's president participates much more than he did in the first season.


Once again...repeated footage!  I'm sorry, but I can't let this go.  There's a really tense scene in episode four with a gunfight, but it lost half of its impact on me when the animators repeated footage...again, within the same episode. 

Using the same animation is not okay regardless, but there's a huge difference between using the same frames of someone lighting a cigarette...and two characters engaged in a life-or-death battle.  So, I take a major issue with that, and it's the biggest reason my score for the animation is lowered.

Another problem with the animation is something which occurred in the first season as well:  No lips moving when they talk (sometimes).  At times, there will be a couple characters on the screen with "blank" faces...but they're talking to one another.  As someone with auditory processing issues, I found it difficult to tell who was talking sometimes.  Internal thoughts are one thing since the "camera" usually focuses on the character who is thinking, but this situation is different.

Put another strike against the animation.  Even if I didn't have auditory issues, that's lazy animation.  Also deducted a couple points from sound due to a couple BGM moments where it was either distracting or didn't feel like it fit properly.


The start of the "war" between the Agency, Guild, and Mafia was also extremely dull.  In "The Final Problem" by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Holmes and Moriarty are engaged in a proverbial chess match which made the story interesting.

In the start of the battles with the Guild, only the Mafia boss was playing everyone else like chess pieces...though Dazai did give him some competition (as Dazai seems to have that sort of natural ability as well), it just wasn't really outlined or optimized until later on.

The motives of the Guild for wanting Atsushi remain unknown for a good duration of the arc, and even then their general scheme is also hidden until the final battle.  The Guild's characters were made highly unlikable (with the exception of the girl from episode 12 of the last season), which makes it difficult to then turn around and sympathize with them when the anime wants us to see them in their "normal" lives.

Once again, there were many moments when a character should have died and didn't.  I was actually shouting at the screen in the final episode because one character whom we saw die on screen just walks in as if nothing had happened.  I have my guesses, but we're never given an explanation as to that character either, which takes "suspension of disbelief" to a whole other level.

While I am coming down really hard on the anime, that doesn't mean it was all bad.  We see more of Atsushi's resolve, Akutagawa gains a little bit more as a character, and I really wonder if Dazai isn't some sort of psychopath (sorry Dazai fans, I'm being brutally honest here).  So, I'm conflicted a lot on his character because it appears as if all his motives are for the giant game of chess he seems to be playing with life around him.  I actually found myself disliking his character the more I thought about it.

It did end by introducing a new bad guy, but I hardly expected it to end after only a total of 24 episodes since there are still things left unsaid and unresolved.

All nitpicks aside, this season was much better than the last season as motives were finally revealed for various sides.  It wasn't perfect, but the first four episodes certainly give it a leg up, as well as some incredible team-ups towards the end.

7/10 story
5/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Apr 16, 2018

More Bungou Stray Dogs, pretty much nothing's changed. Jinko = Chinko will never get old. (Weretiger, Pen*s).

Interesting decision, having the season start with a flash back 4 years before the events of the 1st season, not nescessarily bad, but not good either.

Story: Essentially 2 stories, first 4 episodes is before season 1, the rest after.

Great animation.

Sound design was good.

Characters: The cast is the same, new characters don't get nearly enough screen time nor developement.

And now, bonus:

  • Episode 3 has 12 minutes of show before the opening, what is this, Dragon Ball?!
  • When SPOILER's were introduced in episode 2, we all knew they were gonna go away in episode 3.
  • Obvious fake out ending is obvious, obligatory sappiness included.
  • Did anyone die? No seriously, aside from episodes 1-4, did anyone die?
  • Hoo boi, get ready to witness some half-baked powers loosely based on authors/works.
  • Nice teaser for season 3 at the end of the last episode, good work on milking the franchise guys.
7/10 story
8/10 animation
8/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Jan 13, 2018


The story for me was lacking, even though there were some interesting reveals in the first episodes of the season. I didn't like the fact that season 1 opened and closed with so many misteries and questions, and I sincerely though everything was going to be cleared up in season 2 but I was dissapointed. As I said earlier, there were some early reveals in the season but it took almost 6 episodes to get me a little bit hang up on the story since they lost my attention with all the gloomy and insensitive scenes in the opnening episodes themselves. 


There's little complain over the animaton of this season because they mantained the animation of season 1 for the most part and season one's animation was great all along.


The sound was lacking just like in season 1, fight scenes had little to know memorable sound and the scenes at the bar were really borring music wise.


The characters were not developed at all with the exception of Dazai and Sakunosuke. Secondary characters were rarely shown and most character development they tried to implement in this season felt like a whole lot of filler.


I think the idea of humans with strange abilities form a group to protect those who don't have them is overused, but I have never doubted that there have been many shows that excelled in bringing this concept to fruition. So anytime a show with this synopsis comes out, I will try and give it a chance. Sadly, Bungou Stray Dogs dissapointed me a little, I really don´t know if they were saving story material for later seasons of for fans to move to it's source matewrial (Manga/Light Novel) but I personally dispised that. BONES didn't dissapoint with the animation, but the Bungou Project is long dead for me because they failed at the most important point in an anime series "Atratcting the viewer". Attracting the viewer means that whwenever you finish watching one episode, you imediately want to watch the next one, and then the next one and so on until you finish it. Shows that excell at this have people loving their stories, memorable characters are born from this shows and Bungou Stray Dogs was defenitely not in that group.

Hope you liked my first review ever in AnimePlanet.

4/10 story
6/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Jan 10, 2017


There were a lot of revelation of what happened in the past (Dazai). This second season reveals why things were as they were at season 1, and how things will develop in the future. It started with the past and ended with a good future outlook.

Dazai, Atsushi vs Akutagawa, and Kyouka, as (almost) the centre of the story, developed an unusual relationship. There was a lot of love-hate between Atsushi and Akutagawa, also Akutagawa who helplessly has a brocon-like obsession towards Dazai. The season ended with a bang, and Kyouka joining the agency.


Good art! They were really consistent with the 1st season, too.


The OP 'Reason Living' was a perfect choice for the anime. With the main character constantly dealing with his doubt of self-worth, and eventually finding his way/reason to justify his existence, finding his purpose, and help to empower others.


There are too many new characters, to the point that it feels like they are just a 'filler' characters. Even those considered as the inner circle of the MC, i.e. the detective agency's members, are only brushed for a brief moment.

And, Dazai was not so Dazai anymore in this season. He was the centre of comedy, the ridiculous mentor that brought smile (or irritation) was transformed into a mastermind. Well, depending how you look at it, it might not be that bad.

Overall, it was a good series, and I will definitely continue watching it, should season 3 come out.

9/10 story
9/10 animation
9/10 sound
9/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Dec 19, 2016

The ratings are for the first 4 episodes. Trust me they are amazing. But after the first four episodes the show starts to be a cringey love type anime. With the mc being useless. I only watched till the 5th episode and oh boy did the 5th episode crush my heart. The 5th episode was so poorly written that I literally dropped this anime. This anime likes to drop characters on you and then later on explain who they are.  Now in the 5th episode this is poorly done. It cuts to some car crash with some vampier lookin guy and a farmer? Well the rest is spoilers for the 5th episode. Kyouka was sitting down and talking to Atsushi. Then he suggested that they learn about her phone so that she could use her power. Then some random *** ***** shows up and stabs Astushi. She tries to take Kyouka away but then Kyouka fights back. When they are fighting Kenji and (I really don't know what this dudes name is) ran up to Astushi. They I guess "helped" him. After that the farmer and vampire show up. (Am pretty sure its a vampire and a farmer because they are dressed like one.) They say "my package is here". After that I got mind ****** because like 6 people dropped and "killed" everyone. (nobody was acctually killed). Well they take the girl who attacked Kyouka and put her in a bed to rest. (EVEN THO SHE IS THE ******* ENEMIE). She wakes up and then we find out that she is the sister of Osamu. She askes where is Kyouka and Astushi says that she is missing. Then Astushi decides that he has big balls and threatens her. (EVEN THO SHE COULD ******* KILL HIM)

You know what? Watch this anime your self. The first 4 episodes were amazing but the fith damn it was ****.

7/10 story
9/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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Oct 8, 2016

( first episode review ) 

Obviously not commenting on the storyline nor characters  at this point . 

But the first episode starts of with past dazai from when he was in the port mafia .... good action and comedy from dazai side 

Animation and sound just like the first season  ( amazing ) 

- sorry that's all I have to say for now 😊 

7/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
8/10 overall
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