"Bungaku Shoujo" Movie

Movie (1 ep x 101 min)
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As first year student Konoha Inoue is about to leave school campus, he sees a girl eat a page from the book she is reading. She introduces herself as second year Touko Amano, the literature girl, and asks him to join the Literature Club so that he doesn't expose her secret. After almost two years of being the sole two members of the club, a strange message arrives: a piece of paper with a peculiar drawing. Further investigation leads them not only to Inoue's past, but to the reason to why he has given up on writing novels for the rest of his life.

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Story: [3/10] Here ye! Here ye! You good sir and you madam! I do proclaim I have witnessed a tale of drama and tragedy! Comedy and romance! It has it all and will leave you wanting for nothing!! Behold the psychotic yandere childhood friend of emotionally retarded, socially inept generic protagonist! As the first member of his harem, she claims ownership of the protagonist she calls her dog, she projects her hatred of herself onto the protagonist whenever he is around, harassing his friends and threatening to kill herself every twenty minutes adding to the drama that will shock and horror you! However fear not as this villain is rivalled by harem member number two, she fell in love with the protagonist as she admired him from afar and began meddling with his business utilizing her concidence techiqueo! The protagonist who unfairly teaches children that all you need to do is be kind to others and you will have a harem of obsessive girls struggles to make everyone happy with the only virtue he has: being unrealistically kind and forgiving!! This group of wayward children require a guide and only the bungaku shoujo, the third and final member of the harem can fulfil this role! She sustains herself through paper and I thought she was so odd that the plot twist would be that she wasn't real or some fight club shit but I was wrong and she is actually a real person!! Who lives on eating paper!! Hence the name!!!  The bungaku shoujo doesn't have much time to aid the protagonist as the majority of scenes are taken up by the psychotic yandere but luckily some nameless characters who were clearly fleshed out in the book but neglected in the movie are ready to support her. Will this be enough to find a way to placate psychotic yandere girl? What will happen to side character 2nd harem girl? And what about the protagonist's mysterious archer friend? Find all of this out and more by wasting an hour and a half of your life on this melodramatic garbage!! Animation: [1/10] The eyes on the face were too big and hence there was no real space for a nose or a mouth but so long as you are okay with watching some real life otherkin owls, there is no problem. Whenever you feel like pitying a character make sure to close your eyes, otherwise you might notice that they are portrayed as super kawaii and stylish characters that undermine their storyline and problems!! The scenery was okay but there wasn't much scenery as the entire anime is indoors anyway and magical light shows occur so dreams can come true, pretty lights substitute plot but it's all ruined by the flat chested characters!! What's the point of a melodramatic without bewbs you hopeless director!! Sound: [4/10] Sound is faster than light in Bungaku Shoujo as the OST tells the viewer what is going on before you see it happen by playing some pretentious sad music or some pretentious inspirational music, presumably as a courtesy for the rational man who is rightfully confused by what he is seeing in the movie. The OST gives the viewer the happy alternative of simply listening to what kind of melodramatic piece is being played rather than having to read the subtitles and you shall know whether a character is trying to commit suicide, dump somebody, say something inspirational or if someone is having a mental break down. The sound tells its own story, as if to say "who the fk needs this awful animation and script? Just listen to me and I shall guide you!" A lovely sentiment that redeems the anime by an entire 1 point in my overall. The seiyuu cannot be blamed, I pity them but they tried their best. Better luck in future ventures my friends! Characters: [1/10] Within the framework of the fake plot, these characters seem trivial, melodramatic and unapproachable, their lives strung together by coincidences. Ultimately as the author and director have admitted on a joint interview performed by ANIMEJAPAN, the story of this anime originated from a dream the author had in his past life as a goldfish. The coincidences within the fake plot may seem lazy but within the home of a goldfish it is common for all of the owner's fish to swim past each other multiple times per day thus explaining the "small world" coincidences. This goldfish theory may also explain the odd appearances of the characters and why they are always screaming, eating weird food and trying to commit suicide all the time. If I were a goldfish, I can only imagine that I would have the same outlook on life and whenever I see a goldfish, they do appear to be screaming and I wouldn't be surprised if they ate paper.  It is up to the viewer whether to follow the more implausible and absurd fake story or the goldfish theory but this mystery only adds to the experience as the viewer can take a break from asking existential questions induced by the quality of the movie and take a moment to ponder whether our lives are also just the dreams of a goldfish. Overall [2/10] While this anime would have been infinitely more enjoyable if all the characters were fish in a fish tank and more plausible too, I cannot give out ratings on what could have been. While we may lament this lost opportunity, we should be thankful for what we have and appreciate all of it. The coincidences that imitate a conspiracy, the comedic relief of a girl who eats paper (funny AND cute), the pretentious life lessons and profound speeches that leave us wondering: what the fuck are they talking about? This may not satisfy all viewers but as the chaos from warhammer would say "sanity is for the weak!" 

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