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Feb 13, 2022

(Up to EP 2 so far): As-I-watch review

Ah. As a "Card Game" show, this one is poorly done. It starts out with a "tutorial" that immediately goes about eight stages into the card-battling setup, and doesn't clarify anything that is happening on the field. It migrates from "Oh I have amnesia" to "I remember how to play all the battles!" in under 30 seconds, which is quite disappointing as you can't follow the play structure at all so early. Card energy is never fully explained, it simply exists on the second turn regardless of what each user played before.

The "burst" cards being "randomly assigned" is somewhat of a mixed bag it looks like the cards are permanently marked as "burst" or not, but the people playing keep claiming that the marks are random... So the bursts that cause extra self-damage seem to be a way of forcing outcomes for the battles. In other words, the actions the players make are less important than the number of bursts they bash their head against before the round ends.

You effectively know that of the 10 shields each player has, a minimum of two shields will be destroyed each game due to these bursts... So the 10 shields are effectively just a lie to pad the play stats.

This also seems to play on the stale theme of "necromancy reigns supreme" because if you get free units to your field, how would you ever be at a disadvantage to those who cannot do the same?

(Up to Ep 4)

Whelp... after two "shock" reveals the story kind of got worse. They even acknowledged that the setup of the play was a bit awkward to follow, and cut out most of the battle a few times...

2/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
4/10 overall
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