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Arajin Tomoshibi’s reunion with his old pal Matakara Asamine takes an unexpected turn when they stumble into a brawl with the toughest guys in town. And just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, a colossal genie decides to drop in. Brace yourself for the ultimate showdown. It’s the clash of the cool and the magical!

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Aside from the occasional semi-entertaining fight scenes, this anime has nothing to offer. In fact, the said merit is definitely not worth the boring-ass show as a whole. This is my first anime review ever, and its mostly a rant about how much the whole thing pissed me off. slight spoliers below. To start with, the story is very poorly written with surface-level characters. The MC is a pathetic loser whose entire contribution to the story is “wanting to lose my virginity” alongside abandoning his supposed childhood bestie in his most vulnerable moments. I cannot think of another character who is so lame to watch that makes you wanna smash your head on the wall every five minutes. The entire arc with matakara and his villain phase is unbelievably lame. Nothing makes sense. So he is a badass boy who lives to fight people to death, cuz of his sad past obviously. Then he is defeated and meets new friends. And obviously, the power of friendship automatically turns him into a kindhearted guy who really dislikes fighting others. He becomes considerate and nice, obviously. But oh no, his only brother is dying. Now he turns into a deadly monster who attacks friends and foes alike. This entire character arc occurs in the span of 3 episodes. A character who had no established depth, whose only quality, up until that point, was wanting to befriend an old friend and get stronger (?) suddenly undergoing such a drastic character change is not in any way convincing. To further talk about how poorly writing his character is, catch this. Matakara has lost his parents as a child, and is raised by his beloved brother. Imagine the long-awaited day when the brother is coming back after years of separation, matakara has been looking forward to this day since the beginning of the show. Unfortunately, the beloved older brother gets hospitalized. So matakara, of course, is bothered by why arajin has been untruthful. His beloved brother is dying but he cares more about how come my friend is stronger now and he didn’t tell me the truth. I keep calling the older brother “beloved” cuz of how much emphasis there was in the entire show that matakara LOVES his brother so much.  And to top it off, the truth about the mystery of the honki people and the ghosts (?) could not be more disappointing. The whole show you are waiting for the senya- ichiya backstory only for them to reveal that Ichiya wished to die on his friend’s hand instead of dying to an illness. And that’s how he came to hate his friend. Wow yes this makes so much sense. I’d have preferred the truth not to be revealed instead of it being disappointing like this. Im sure the fifteen minutes it took me to write this review is longer than the time the staff spend coming up with the entire world building, characters and story. Cuz obviously, viewers are dumb and “if we put a cool fighting scene every two episodes no one will notice how bad the rest is”. In conclusion, if fight scenes and a dumb story are enough for you to enjoy a show, watch bucchigiri. But if you have slightly higher expectations than the bare minimum a show can offer, I wouldn’t recommend it.

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